Groom Version of 'Din Shagna Da'

A wedding, a celebration of the unity of two souls, is the beginning of a new life for every couple. A new chapter in their life begins with a beautiful wedding ceremony, where all family and friends come together to support the wedlock of the bride and groom. Wedding songs are a crucial part of such an auspicious ceremony and they often bring everyone to tears with their heart-warming music and lyrics; one such song which is winning hearts is the Groom Version of ‘Din Shagna Da’. Sung by Gaurav Kadu, this song is the male version of a popular Bollywood wedding song from the movie Phillauri.

Din Shagna Da’ – Taking Over Weddings By Storm

For every couple, the wedding ceremony is an emotional journey. Many songs have been made to depict this divine occasion. ‘Din Shagna Da’ is one such song which depicts the journey from the perspective of the bride. The song was originally part of the soundtrack of a Hindi fantasy/drama film, Phillauri. This Anushka Sharma produced (and starred in) movie revolves around the story of a young man, Kanan, who is forced to marry a tree to get rid of his bad luck before he can marry his childhood sweetheart. However, Kanan ends up getting trailed by the spirit trapped in the tree and he has to set her free. 

Groom Version of 'Din Shagna Da'

The song came into limelight through the recent Anushka-Virat wedding, when the song was played as Anushka made her entry into the wedding site. As the song is from her own movie, it created a dreamy entrance at the wedding and made a touching impact on everyone. Since then, the song is being widely played at weddings.

Groom Version of ‘Din Shagna Da’ – A Groom’s Tale

Recently, however, a Groom Version of ‘Din Shagna Da’ has been released, sung and written by Gaurav Kadu. This romantic, heart-warming song is from the groom’s side and it has taken over all North Indian weddings by storm. The song also went viral on YouTube, getting over 7 million views, as soon as it was uploaded and won hearts of many for its beautifully written lyrics. The song received a massive response from the listeners in the form of YouTube comments, thanking the singer/songwriter for the melodious song.

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The chorus “Din Shagna Da, Chadya” is about the arrival of the auspicious wedding day. In literal terms, it means ‘the auspicious day has dawned’. The groom further goes on to talk about inviting friends to the courtyard and being congratulated by everyone on finding his soulmate. The song also speaks of all the festivities of the wedding, Mehendi, Sagai, Haldi, Bidai, Sangeet, and how the groom is lucky to have met his companion. Some touching metaphors and dramatic expressions involving the sky and stars also add an attractive feature to the song. 

The video ends with a moving voiceover from a couple about the sanctity of their relationship. The beautiful bond of marriage and the sharing hopes and goals, the vows and promises made are spoken of in the voiceover. The words “I am proud to utter the words I do, as it tells the world, that I choose you” make the perfect ending to the song and they seem to fill the hearts of the listeners with warmth.

Groom Version of 'Din Shagna Da'

A Must-Play Wedding Song

The recent spotlight on the Groom Version of ‘Din Shagna Da’ made it a must-play wedding song. The male version perfectly compliments the original song and presents the emotional tale of the groom. It is winning hearts of couples this wedding season with its melodious music and heartfelt lyrics.