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Are you ready to start shopping for the wedding dress and beginning to stress about it? It is true, the wedding dress is one of the most traditional elements of a wedding and what little girls’ dreams about but you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect one for you.

Here is a guide to Find a Stunning Wedding Dress

Let us help ease the tension by giving you a few insider tips on how to pick your wedding dress.

Who Should You Bring With You?

This is one of the most important decisions you will have as it can make your wedding dress shopping experience totally enjoyable or absolutely miserable. For the staff at the stores it’s really a love-hate relationship with the entourage but for the most part, they are GREAT! We know that the journey of finding the perfect wedding gown for you is emotional, exhausting, stressful, sometimes full of drama, but always totally memorable. If you choose the right friends and family members your experience will be nothing but pleasant. They will support you, encourage you, listen to your desires and allow you to quietly find the right wedding gown for your day. If you choose the wrong ones, then disaster can happen. Too many times we see friends or family members that are jealous of the Bride and want to anything to take the attention away from her. So they act hateful, boastful, loud and obnoxious. They can see you love a dress so they quickly point out something to make you second guess it or pass it by. So our advice to you, bring no more than four of your closest and most trusted friends or family members. Shopping for your wedding dress should be an experience and something you should cherish and have fond memories of. Embrace it and don’t take too seriously. Their thoughts and opinions are of course appreciated and let’s leave it at that. It’s what you love, and what “you” want your fiancé to see you walking down the aisle in.

Wedding dress

How to Get the Best Price For Your Wedding Dress

Everyone wants to get the best price for merchandise and other things they buy in their everyday life so it is no surprise that Brides want to get the best price for their wedding gown too. Today there are thousands and thousands of wedding dress designers that range in price from the low hundreds up to and exceeding $20,000 – $30,000. Insane, I know to think that someone would pay $20,000 for a wedding dress that they will wear for approximately five hours…but I am her to tell you, it happens.

For the Bride that does not have a huge budget for the wedding there is great news! There are plenty of wedding gown designers that make affordable wedding gowns that are stylish, romantic, trendy and well made. So don’t freak out and think you will never find a wedding dress you can afford.  You will! However, shopping for your wedding dress does require a little work on your part. Make sure you do a little research on the local boutiques. You don’t want to make an appointment and go try on wedding gowns only to find out they are all way over your budget. So call ahead, ask them what their price ranges are and if it falls in line with your budget, schedule an appointment.

Now that you have found a place to shop, there are many other ways for you to go about getting the best price for your wedding dress. First and probably the easiest is to just ask for a discount at the boutique. Many people don’t know this but most wedding dress designers allow boutiques to offer a small discount, usually 10% off the MSRP on their wedding gowns.  Bridal boutiques do not advertise this and rarely offer it unless there is a special event happening like a trunk show. So just ask for the discount! They won’t be offended and they will probably say Yes!

The second way is to shop for your wedding dress online. You can go to your local boutique, try on gowns, find one you love and then go home and find it online cheaper. Just make sure to get all the details from the boutique so you can easily find it. You will need to know the name of the designer and the style number or name of the gown. Now I will be honest, this is something you have to be careful with because there are many websites that use the designer’s picture to promote knock-off designs that end up being terrible quality and look like rags. The general rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true it is! No authorized retailer is going to sell a Designer wedding dress for $200 if it retails in their store for $1500. There are however many reputable websites that do sell used wedding dresses for a fraction of the retail price. Check out Many times you can save 50% and sometimes more. There are great deals to be had when buying your wedding dress. You just have to be a savvy Bride. You can even ask the boutique if they will sell you their sample and if they do generally you will get a hefty discount. Just make sure that it can be altered to fit you properly.

Wedding dress

Remember the Most Important Opinion is Yours

Most Brides want everyone to love the dress they choose but sometimes it just isn’t possible for all opinions to line up in perfect harmony. All that should matter is that you love the gown, it feels good on your body, and it is what you want your Fiance to see walking down the aisle. If you find a dress that gives you all of that it is yours! Say Yes to the Dress and I do!

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Wedding dress



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