A lot of couples make a mistake by not really prioritizing the “Venue” selection on their Wedding Planning Checklist and don’t really do this prep work and thus end up stressing themselves out for not finding a perfect wedding venue for them.

Even if you have decided on your venue, read this blog for more ideas/changes so that there are no big surprises for you on that day. Check this ultimate guide for picking a wedding venue.

5 Things To Figure Out Before You Select A Venue

1. Location :

Where you want to get married? The country, town, city basically just decide on your location where you would want to create a memory for the rest of your life. 

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2. Capacity :

Decide an approximate Guest List Count so that you can give an idea to the manager of your wedding venue. It is completely alright if you are not able to give the exact number of people, just an idea about the same is enough.

3. Type :

This involves deciding on the type of venue which means whether you want your wedding indoor in a hall or outdoors in a lush garden or in a beach and so on. 

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4. Venue Budget :

This is an important step because if you don’t do this you will blow your budget and will be stressed. Approximately 35-40% from your total budget should be assigned for your venue budget. This should also include the catering, decorations, DJ or sound system. If you are hiring these things separately then cut them out of your venue budget. But if the wedding venue is providing you with all these then go ahead and select that since it is a win-win situation.

5. Season :

Instead of wasting your time for choosing the date for the wedding, go ahead and choose the season because this gives you flexibility for venue shopping as some venues that you shortlisted might not be available on your date. Also, season can be a great help for budget minimisation. If you are flexible about the dates and period of getting married then off-season doesn’t matter to you. During off-season, the venue rates are almost half the price of the original and a lot cheaper. 

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After you have decided on the above listed things, ONLY then start looking out or venue that fit into your list. Start shortlisting them, at least 8-10 options, because half of them might get ruled out due to unavailability of date or certain thing that you are looking for. You could search for wedding venues online on various wedding planning sites like WedMeGoodShaadiSagaDulhaniyaa and more or you could physically go out and check the venues by yourself, whichever suits your convenience.

Don’t go looking for venues that are not shortlisted within your category. This will unnecessarily waste your time and effort. Also, you would feel bad and start comparing the venues with the ones you shortlisted and the ones that are not in your category. This shall create nothing but more confusion and stress. ( Don’t try out Mercedes, if you are looking for Honda because it will make look Honda crap. Same goes with the wedding venues. )

Also, look for Free questions to ask your wedding venue contracter list to make your tasks easier if you have already booked the venue. So, these are the guidelines for choosing a perfect wedding venue. Let us know if it made your tasks easier in the comments section.