Instead of worrying about who you are going to upset or what drama will you cause by who you are inviting, think about the ambience/vibe that you want for your big day.

Who do you really want to be by your side when your going to marry the partner of your life?

Because the people who you are going to invite are going to influence how the day goes. Here is the ultimate guide for wedding guest list.

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This part of planning wedding can get a bit confusing but just like other parts, but in this part also it is totally up to you to decide what you want to do and what not. Firstly, it is important to figure out your guest count which is depended on few factors- 

  • Venue Capacity : You cannot invite people more than your venue will allow. You don’t want to create a mess by calling more people to a venue in which they can’t fit. 
  • Budget : If you have a smaller budget, you must stick on to inviting less people. Also, it is important that you sit down with people who are going to finance your wedding and discussing with them if they are fine with approximately a certain number of guests. Their say in this topic is also important.
  • Ambience: If you want to have an intimate wedding then invite your close friends and family, but if you want a big extravaganza wedding then you will have a bigger guest list to work with. 

Now, after considering these factors, you will have a total guest count number which you should break down it into categories like:

  •  Bride’s Family
  •  Bride’s Friends
  •  Groom’s Family
  •  Groom’s Friends
  •  Bride’s Parent Friends
  • Groom’s Parent Friends
  •  Others

You and your partner get to decide the number of persons in each category according to the above factors. For instance, If you decide 20 people for both bride and groom parent friends then ask them to stick to it. After deciding on this, start writing the names and the number of people from each family that you want to invite. Maybe you just want to invite the couple and don’t want kids. Or maybe you want all members of the family to be a part of your wedding. Mention that accordingly.

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People you should avoid calling

  • You can only keep an adult party and avoid calling kids. This helps when you are working on small budget and there are tons of kids in your family. 
  • If you haven’t talked to somebody for over two years then they do not make it to the list. No “missing in action” friends/family. 
  • Do not invite people just because you feel bad or obligated. There is no room for “pity invites.” Just because that person invited you to their wedding, doesn’t mean you have to invite them too, especially if you don’t want them there. Don’t do it, after all this is one in a lifetime experience. 

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TIP- Always mention RSVP and ask you guests to stick to it so that you know how many people are going to turn up for your wedding and how many are not. And always keep a buffer amount for your number of guests because just incase anyone avoids the rules of number of people being invited from their family.