When you are the bride, each detail is important, and that includes the hair accessories. Irrespective of which hairstyle that you are going to choose, you will need a few accessories to keep it in place. From simple flowers to elaborate brooches and gem clasps, there are innumerable options out there. Here, we have compiled our favourites. Scroll through and pin what you like best.

20 Unique And Trending Bridal Hair Accessories For the Indian Bride


Floral Accessories

Brides have been adorning flowers on their wedding day for ages. In many cultures, it is even customary to do so. From the traditional jasmine and mogras, flowers and floral accessories have come a long way.

From a simple floral arrangement surrounding your bun, brides have now taken to covering the entire bun with colourful roses and baby breath. Make sure that the colour of the flowers goes along with your attire. 

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If you are going for a bride, then you can have flowers placed in randomly to look chic. For the Haldi and Sangeet events, you can experiment with bright colours and unusual arrangements.

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You can also choose to go for artificial flowers and match them with floral jewellery. These are also cheaper and available in a multitude of designs. 

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Bun Chains

Buns are the most common bridal hairstyle, and if you are looking for something to perk it up, then bun chains are your answer. You can go for a multi-stranded one or something simpler according to your taste. You can go over the top by choosing something with elaborate hangings. Also, they have the practical use of holding your bun together, which means that you can go light on the hair products. 

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Hair Clips

If you are going for a loose hairstyle, then hair clips will be a lifesaver. There are umpteen options here. You can go for a really simple vine designs or something oversized with multicoloured stones and elaborate designs. You can also get hair clips in exotic designs, like peacocks and lotuses. They can also be easily reused after the wedding. 

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Maatha Patti

Matha Patti is a type of hair jewellery which had a traditional importance but have now evolved into a sort of fashion statement. They are available in many designs- tiara style, layered, beaded and so on.

This tiara style Matha Patti is increasingly favoured by the modern brides for their Haldi or Sangeet function.

If you are looking for something more elaborate, then you can go for a multi-tiered one with asymmetrical chains. You can also choose something with beaded or pearl hangings. 



Rakodi/ Bilai

South Indian brides generally wear both of them. A rakodi is placed at the centre of the bun in order to hold it in place. Its is usually encrusted with precious stones such as emerald or ruby. Combine this with your favourite flowers to complete the look.

The Bilai is a nine piece hair jewelry which is placed along the braid. The general design has multicoloured stones in a golden frame, but the design has evolved over the years. Pair it with jasmine flowers for the perfect South Indian bridal look. 

Billai hair brooch



Wear a crown and look like the queen that you are! You can wear a flower tiara if it is for your pre-wedding ceremony. You can wear a jewelled one for your engagement or wedding ceremony. But this will cramp your style if you are wearing a shawl over your head. So you will have to choose something different for the actual wedding ceremony. 

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We hope that we have given you some fantastic ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.