Hansa and Aditya

Being in love, without a doubt, is simply the most blissful emotion. And to have a love which, even after years, feels exactly like the first day is probably the best feeling. There are times when we shrug Bollywood movies and stories with happy endings off as just that – stories. That is until we have our own and we realise how powerful love is. We understand and believe that love does exist, no matter how much people say that it’s a hoax.

We’ve heard a lot that we don’t choose who we fall in love with, and usually, it turns out to be a person we least expect to fall for. Because of this belief, the people around the both of us understand our love for one another way before we do. This is about the blessed pair Hansa and Aditya, who got engaged in June 2018.

Their Eternal Love Story – Hansa and Aditya

Hansa and Aditya“Everyone knew that the both of us will fall in love.” Hansa, from a town near Bathinda, Punjab, switched schools in class 11th. Opting for the non-medical stream (Physics, Chemistry and Maths being the main subjects), she started attending a school which wasn’t in her hometown. Before long, a rivalry started boiling up in her class among her group of girl friends with a group of guy friends, Aditya being one of them. Their bickering and tussles were a constant affair. Hansa would often drag Aditya to the principal’s office, the principal being the latter’s mother. She would agree to Hansa’s complaints about her son, which annoyed him even more.

For her, being with Aditya romantically was probably the last thing on her mind. But a false rumour which was quick to spread was about them dating each other. They didn’t really blink an eye to it and continued fighting. This kept happening until the Farewell of their batch. Hansa was looking back at her days at that school and wondering what or who will she really miss after she leaves for her home. Just before sitting in her car, Aditya approached her, apologising for his misbehaviour and for hurting her during the course of two years. Hansa forgave him and was ready to go home, but their eyes, brimming with tears, met one another at the same time.

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Hansa’s friend who witnessed this, called up Aditya to inform him that Hansa has something for him. Doubting such a possibility, he exclaimed “Are you sure? Otherwise, she’s gonna beat me up! Usne warrant nikalwa dene hain mere! (she’s going to get a warrant against me)”.  The dawn of their relationship was 10 days prior to their board exams. This led to a drastic drop in her exam result, and a noticeable increase in his. Once they realised they were in love, it made them understand how much time they wasted in the rivalry when they could’ve spent that time together instead. Hence, they tried to get admission in the same college, or at least in the same city.

Once Hansa and Aditya moved to Chandigarh for further studies, they started going out often, strengthening their relationship. He had his own flat, while she stayed at a hostel, limiting their time to meet. A date on Sunday became a ritual – they went out from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every week. But after Hansa started with her post-graduation, they met everyday. In 2017, they let their families know about their sincerity and will to spend their lives with one another.

“The fire never got dull. There was always excitement to meet one another. There was never a time that we got bored of each other or needed space.” In a time when most people tend to let go of each other as time passes, getting engaged to one’s high school sweetheart is a precious bond. Somewhere, it makes us realise that love is not limited to only fiction or imagination. After being together for more than a decade, Hansa and Aditya will tie the knot on 16th September 2018.