Henna Mehendi Design

One thing that women love about Indian Wedding is Mehendi. The use of Henna Mehendi started in the Mughal era and since then it is a part of Indian culture and looks very attractive on the hands. But the catch is not every woman knows how to adorn hands with Mehendi and therefore puts it on a back burner just because it seems complex to her. To help you out with this problem, we are here to give you simple henna Mehendi design ideas for beginners.

Here Are The Simple 10 Henna Mehendi Design Ideas For Beginners

These simple Henna Mehendi designs will let you adorn your hands in no time in any occasion without spending bucks. Moreover, these are so straightforward. Here we go!

Leaf Mehendi Design

Leaf design is the most common Henna Mehendi design that is loved by women. There may be a single big leaf or multiple leaves forming a chain-like structure. This design is fairly simple and decent too.

To master the art of Henna mehendi design, leaf design is the fundamental design that you should catch hold of.

Henna Mehendi Design

Floral Mehendi Design

Floral mehendi designs are another fundamental Mehendi design which look attractive and adorn the hands of women. This design looks beautiful and you can flaunt it on any occasion. Moreover, this is so versatile that it can be blended with all the designs like the leaf, Arabic etc.

henna mehendi design

Heart Shaped Mehendi Design

This is sheer romantic, isn’t it? Heart-shaped Mehendi design gives a great option to write the name of your sweetheart. It looks neat and keeps on reminding you of your loved one.

Henna Mehendi Design

Leafy Flower Mehendi Design

Well, this is the best of both the worlds! The beautiful floral combined with the versatile leaf oh-so-amazing on the pretty hands. You can also add various shades in the design by highlighting some of the portions of the design.

Henna Mehendi Design

Easy Arabic Mehendi

This Henna Mehendi design originated in Arabian countries but became popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan in no time. It is a mixture of Indian motifs with the Arabian bold design patterns.

The bold shades are highlighted in this Mehendi because of the usage of black and dark brown Mehendi. This looks bewitching and pretty as hell.

henna mehendi design

Simple Peacock Mehendi Design

Peacock design Mehendi looks beautiful and is often used in the hands of bride’s too. This is a distinct mehendi design that is slightly complicated than the other designs but once you master the shape, it is a child’s play.

It might seem complicated initially but is not a cluttered piece of design. You will use this design in every occasion I bet.

henna mehendi fdesign

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Hand Jewellery Mehendi Design

This Henna Mehendi design appears like you are wearing a piece of jewellery in your hand. This design is pretty and subtle without any complications. The best part is you need not adorn rings and bracelets in your hands after you wear this design.

Henna Mehendi Design

Butterfly Mehendi Design

This Mehendi design is a fine example of easy and quick mehendi design. This looks so chic and modern making it best suitable for young girls who love to keep everything trendy.

Henna Mehendi Design

Mandala Gol-Tikki Mehendi Design

Mandala Gol-Tikki Mehendi design may look complex in the first glimpse but is super easy. In fact this design is considered to be the Origin of Mehendi design itself.

In this design, you can make use of dots, lines, flowers also. The dark tikkas look lovely and are effortless.

henna mehendi design

Ganesha Mehendi Design

Lord Ganesha is believed to be the lord of prosperity and happiness in the Hindu mythology. Not only that but Ganesha Mehendi design provides a great option for adorning your hands too. All you need to do is construct eyes, trunk and forehead of Lord Ganesha and you are almost done.

Henna Mehendi Design

Once you master the art of Mehendi, you do not require any specific occasion to adorn your hands with the beautiful Mehendi.  Not just yours, you can adorn the hands of your family members as well. Also, you are going to save bucks by not calling a specific person who just takes 1 min and charges INR 500 for adorning your hand. With these simple designs, you will at least be able to help yourself and others too. Well, something is better than nothing.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comment section below and let us know which mehendi design you found the easiest to try, and you don’t have to wait for any occasion.