Weddings are a huge deal! With all the glam and glitz, who wouldn’t love to shake their legs to live band performances? Absolutely Nobody! Imagine sweeping all your guests and also your partner off their feet with those magical chords of all your favorite tunes! Sounds extravagant, right? Well, we’ve got you covered.

So, groove to all the romantic and fun live band performances and cherish your special day for a lifetime!

Here are 5 live bands to impress your guests at the wedding!

1. Sanam Band



If you’re a sucker for old melodious Hindi songs but with a twist, Sanam Band is the right choice for you! With songs like – “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi”, ” O Mere Dil Ke Chain”, “Gulaabi Aankhien” and ” Yeh Raatien Yeh Mausam” you wouldn’t know when to stop grooving! Alongside these beautiful old compositions, Sanam Band has a bunch of original compositions and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with those, as well. 

2. Prateek Kuhad



Let’s just admit, we all crave original meaningful compositions in this age of remixes. And who better than Prateek Kuhad to create melodies that soothe the soul and calm the environment?  Put your best foot forward on harmonious melodies like ” Dil Beparwah “, “Raat Baaki” and “Tune Kaha” and woo your partner! There couldn’t be anything better than making the most of your special day with your loved ones!

3. The Local Train



The Local Train is not a surprise on this list, at all. To be honest, all couples would love to oomph up their celebrations as grandly as they could and The Local Train would do that for you! Songs like “Choo Lo”, “Aaoge Tum Kabhi” and “Dil Mere” surely set up the perfect tone of your D-Day! So, You wouldn’t have to worry about the entertainment quotient because  The Local Train is the savior for you!

4.  Nooran Sisters



If you’re bored with the monotonous dancing to DJ’s and want something that can add that unique touch, trust Nooran sisters to do the honors! Subtly adding that soulfulness and charm to your events with beautiful melodies like “Patakha Guddi”, “Allah Hoo” and “Ishq” experience the magic of Folk songs revisited. So do not forget to lose yourself in the classical traditional melodies and make your occasion a day to remember! 

5. Nasha Band 



You aren’t a true fan of Bollywood songs if Nasha The Band isn’t already on your list! This Delhi based band has been making its mark for quite some time now and it would be completely wrong to not credit them for their huge success. We all know Akhil Sachdev’s melodious and ripping sweet voice to be a sure hit for any special occasion, what-so-ever! Known for its a modern contemporary theme, Nasha has always got its hand right at making everything lavish and grand. Grooving to songs like “Main Tenu Samjhawa Ki”. ” O Re Khuda”, “Main Rang Sharbaton Ka” is a wonderful way to express your feelings for your to-be on the big day! And of course, a little brag didn’t hurt anybody! 

We hope we could be of some help to you! Here were the 5 best live performance bands to oomph up your occasions. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below: and feel free to pour in your suggestions or if you think we’ve missed some of your favorites. Weddings aren’t a child’s play, at all! It requires a heck lot of tireless efforts to craft the wedding of your dreams! That’s why we’re here: to take off some load of you! We hope we’ve done our bit! Drop-in your valuable thoughts because we love hearing from you!