Weddings are much more than just rituals and ceremonies. It is a time to celebrate, celebrate the starting of new lives. It is like a new journey you have to set on with new responsibilities and relationships. It might be tough for few people to shoulder them all with peace and calm but you learn and grow. You both as a husband and a wife have new adjustments to make, new relationships to deal with, and handle new families along with balancing your individual and love life. It takes a lot to be able to finally get ready for this difficult yet exciting phase of life.

But with all the celebrations and ceremonies we plan as pre-wedding functions, the bachelorette is important. It is the only time a bride, as well as a groom, can have fun, can enjoy without worrying about the whole wedding process. It is something like a getaway from the monotonous life along with an escape from the ongoing wedding planning, arrangements, and stress. With so many things to take care of in a wedding, stress comes along as an uninvited guest. But having a day or a night just for you, jut to celebrate you as an individual with the closest of friends and family sets you free and gives you the much-needed break.


A bachelorette can be planned months before the wedding especially if it’s a trip to some other city or country or just a few days before as a party. Most people want to make their own as well as the bachelorettes of their friends and cousins very memorable. And with the situation the world is going through right now, with people dying and others surviving with the fear of falling prey to this dangerous virus, it is not the best time to plan a wedding let alone a bachelorette. But still, if your friend is getting married amidst all this with the given restrictions, she deserves a good party. Don’t let lockdown ruin your fun bachelorette. Here’s how you can plan a virtual one for your BFF.

Ways to Plan a Virtual Bachelorette for your BFF

There are a few preparations you need to make for a virtual bachelorette just like the real ones. At no cost can you risk spoiling the mood and the vibe!

A Good Internet Connection

For a good and no break video call and virtual party, making sure that your internet connection is on point can help you to not have last-minute mood spoiling.

Sassy Themes


Set themes, using colors, patterns, decor like a backdrop just like your BFF likes it.

A Great Party Outfit

Get rid of your boring quarantine clothes and wear the glittery, sexy outfits you had always wished for. You can pair them with fun elements like funky shades, masks just to lift the vibe.

Get Delicious Snacks and Drinks Ready


How can you forget your friend’s favorite snacks and drinks to toast to her new upcoming life?

Great Music

When there are drinks and friends, good music to shake a leg needs to be on point too.


Once the preparations are done you are all set to turn the group chat on and let your virtual party begin. You seriously have to set an example, making her feel as normal of a party as possible. Few other things required are:

Fun dance

Dancing to her favorite tunes, or all your friends preparing a proper virtual performance can help her truly live the moment. You can even make it special with gifts like photo collages or talk on how much you all love her.

Lit the Social Media

The lockdown bachelorette is a great idea. And with screenshots turning to your rescue, social media would be fully in love with what and how you pulled it off.