Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

An integral part of any great marriage planning is the choice of honeymoon destination. After all the fanfare and aplomb, the newlyweds need that personal space to be with each other. And, not just honeymoon destinations will do. The place should complement the vibe and expectation of two people who have just made one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

There are a number of romantic honeymoon destinations in Asia that are not only breathtakingly spectacular but also easy on the pocket. The diversity in terms of culture and cuisine attracts tourists from all over to Asia. And, if you are thinking about taking your first trip as a married couple in Asia, options abound. Here’s our guide to some of Asia’s most popular honeymoon destinations.


Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Singapore remains on the bucket list of many travelers. This dream city is a testament of human innovation and enterprise. From beautiful beaches to towering skyscrapers, Singapore offers exhilarating views and chic ambience to thousands of tourists who descend on the island nation each year.The country has also gained traction as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia, with newlyweds from all over choosing its luxurious resorts and intimate villas for spending the first few days of their marriage. Thanks to seamless and hassle-free Singapore visa procedures, the island nation has become a tourist hub, especially in the last decade or so.

Romantic things to do for couples in Singapore

  • Spend an evening at the Gardens by the Bay. The sweet scent of flowers and the lit-up architecture is a treat to watch.
  • Embark on the Changi point coastal walk for great picturesque views.
  • Spend the perfect day out at the Sentosa Island. With white sand and blue water for company, you can walk for miles in the company of each other.
  • Singapore Flyer – the most recognizable landmark of Singapore is a must-visit. The Flyer will give you panoramic views of the city.
  • Get unparalleled views of the Singapore skyline at the Henderson Waves. We highly recommend taking a walk during the evenings.


Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Maldives may be the smallest island country in the world, but it becomes a hotbed for honeymooners during summers. The availability of a host of adventure activities combined with ideal climate makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. The blue water beaches and white sands create an eclectic fusion, adding to the romantic vibes in the air. The beaches in Maldives remain relatively less frequented than Phuket or Goa, giving couples the much-needed intimacy and personal space. 

Best honeymoon experience in Maldives:

  • Visit the glowing beach at the Vaadhoo Island. Spend intimate time watching the tides glow up the entire beach during the night.
  • Book a water-villa resort. These resorts offer great views, amazing food, and the perfect ambience. Popular choices include COMO Cocoa Island Resort, Baros Resort, and GiliLankanfushi Maldives.
  • Dine at Ithaa underwater restaurant. This restaurant is 16 ft below sea level; as the restaurant can accommodate limited guests, reservation is necessary.
  • Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular activities among tourists.

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Bali, Indonesia

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Bali offers the ideal settings for spending a memorable honeymoon. Although the island gets crowded during summers, there are private villas and affordable resorts where you can have intimate space for each other. Bali offers everything you may expect on your honeymoon – amazing beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, and hospitable people.

Things to do for honeymooners in Bali:

  • Visit the beautiful DesaBelok – an amazing Marigold flower field on the BedugulKintamani road.
  • Take a stroll with your loved one at the Campuhan Ridge Walk. The wal will take you through picturesque huts and rice fields.
  • Dine at Samabe, a secret cave restaurant in front of a blue-water beach that offers great food.
  • Spend time splashing and showering at Sekumpul Waterfall.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Bangkok may be the place where most tourists head to when planning a trip to Thailand, but Chiang Mai has its own charm and beauty that’s hard to match. The mountainous region is a perfect getaway for couples looking for some personal space. Chiang Mai is also the spiritual center of Thailand, with many beautiful temples in the vicinity.

Interesting things to do in Chiang Mai

  • Relaxing and idling at a luxurious spa – yes, for many tourists, the best part about being in Chiang Mai is to simply let time flow by. If you are seeing a dose of tranquility and calm, spend time with each other at a resort nestled in the mountains of Chiang Mai
  • Visit WatPhra Tat – a beautiful and spiritual destination that is a must-visit if you are in Chiang Mai. You can get great views of entire Chiang Mai from where the temple is located.
  • Take a romantic river cruise along the Mae Ping River – the two-hour long cruise will take you through picturesque locations.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

There are a number of beaches in Malaysia that are thronged by tourists all throughout the year. However, the beaches at Langkawi are specifically preferred by couples on a romantic getaway. The island is relatively less crowded, offers amazing views & cuisine, and is easy on the pocket.

Best Honeymoon Experience in Langkwai

  • Take a cruise that includes snorkeling, scuba diving, and dining. Of special significance are the Geopark overnight cruises.
  • Relax and spend the day getting a spa therapy. Langkawi is known for offering some of the best spa services, including Ayurveda, Shamanic, and Buddhist massages.
  • Spend a day sipping gourmet wine with your loved one at one of the beautiful beaches of Langkawi. For honeymooners, PantaiCenang is the favorite.

Sri Lanka

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

The tropical climate of Sri Lanka can get a bit daunting during the summers, but during the autumn, the country becomes a hotbed of tourists looking for the perfect abode. A heady dose of culture and natural beauty awaits newlyweds in this island nation.

Best romantic things to do in Sri Lanka

  • Book a resort in Bentota and experience the beauty of Mother Nature with your loved one.
  • Spend a day out at the Mirissa beach sipping from giant coconuts and gorging on authentic seafood.
  • Visit the pigeon island in Trincomalee and see deer in their natural habitat.
  • Get a feel of England by staying a day at Nuwara Eliya, the “Little England” of Sri Lanka. During the monsoons, the Lover’s Leap Falls and Laksapana Falls are worth a visit.

Asia has so much diversity in terms of climate, culture, food, and languages that getting all of that in one post can be overwhelming. While choosing these top 5 places, we put emphasis on the expectations newlyweds have from a romantic getaway destination. There are many popular honeymoon destinations in Asia that haven’t found a place in my list, but often they lack the intimacy that honeymooners are looking for. Let us know what you think about this list; you can also share memorable experiences and tips of your honeymoon with our readers.