Weddings become big and celebratory with the kind of decor, functions, celebrations, food, drinks, and togetherness of one another. Everybody loves to take time off from the daily monotonous life and enjoy it. It is not only a special day for the bride and the groom but for all their close family members and friends.

Celebrations take you away to the world of fun and cheer to celebrate the love of two wonderful people. As they tie in the beautiful bond of love, it is the perfect time to celebrate their togetherness. With so many important elements of a wedding, fashion trends play a leading role.


Brides have their own set of wishes for their wedding outfit. Getting the perfect outfit demands a lot of effort, time, and money. With the ever-increasing varieties and the growing market, it takes even more time to get what you want. Fashion trends change rapidly making things that were considered quite famous a day before becoming an old and repetitive trend very soon. So choosing a dress that is classy, hot, traditional as well as exclusive needs a lot of homework.

Having an insight into the hottest Indian bridal fashion trends 2020 can be helpful.

Hottest and Latest Indian Bridal Trends

Feather Design

Feathers weather used in accessories or clothes adds a touch of elegance. With many designers coming out with such design, it has become the new hottest trend to wear lehengas with feathers around the ruffles or layers of the lehengas. It even looks good if paired with the design of the blouse like at the back or the sleeves.

Get Sparkly


When you are a special one at the event, sparkles can never fail. Sparkling lehengas of various contrasting or mix-matching shades is the latest and hottest trend. They help to add the right amount of work and make you stand out from the crowd.

Plunging Necklines

Necklaces can change the whole look. When you want to add the touch of sexiness and hotness, plunging necklines are the perfect in-trend element. Other unique necklines for bridal outfits can be high-necks and collar designs.

Layers and Ruffles

Wearing lehengas or gowns with several layers or ruffles is the new trend. These layers can be of the same color or different shades of color, providing depth to the outfit along with an exclusive look.

Break the Stereotype


Most Indian brides wear lehengas for their big day. As these are the days of breaking stereotypes and experimenting, trying heavy gowns or saris can also help to provide the hottest and latest look.

Color Play


Colors add life to an outfit. Playing with pastel or darker uncommon shades make you look pretty, unique, and bold. Many celebrities have brought color experimentation with bridal outfits in trend now.

Hair Styling

Along with what you wear, how you carry it, the way you do your makeup, accessories you carry, and your hairdo matters a lot. Having half tie buns, side buns, half-open or wet hair look gives hotness and uniqueness to the whole look. A good hairdo can change the whole style of the outfit.

Minimal Jewelry

A lot of heavy jewelry can overpower your outfit. So, making use of minimal jewelry gives a simple yet elegant look.

Choker Necklaces


These days one single heavy, pearl, or Kundan choker necklace does the work. Brides often wear these single pieces with mang tikka and earring to complete their look.

Funky Accessories

Carry small clutches, wearing shades for photoshoots, wearing some unique piece of ring or bangles with your lehenga can add the new age funky style to your look.