Being asked to be the best man is the highest honor that your buddy can bestow upon you. While the title sounds fancy and vital, it does come with a slew of duties and responsibilities. Your friend has asked you to be the go-to man during these crucial days of his life, and you owe it to him to deliver on his trust.

So we thought we would help you out by giving you a brief idea about the significant best man roles. 

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Plan The Bachelor Party

This is by far the most time-consuming task on your hands, so get cracking on it early. To plan the bachelor party you an enlist the help of the groomsmen and delegate tasks to them. Make sure that you start planning a month or two ahead and that the party is held at least two weeks ahead. At each step of the planning, remember to keep the likes and interests of the groom at the forefront. For example, while one person may love a bar crawl, the other may be looking forward to a chilled out trip to the beach. 

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Check Up On Him

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and it can get quite overwhelming at times. While it is assumed that the load of the wedding rests more on the shoulders of the bride, the groom still has a lot to take care of. Make sure that you check up on him regularly, ask him how things are going, listen to him and give him as much time as he wants. 

Go For Suit Fittings

You may not be the biggest fan of shopping and dressing up, but the same can be said of the groom. Be with him as he gets fitted for the wedding suit and give out helpful suggestions. 

Help With The Wedding Jitters

On the day of the wedding, you must be with the groom right from when he wakes up to when he walks down the aisle. You are the person that knows him best, and hence you will know how best to keep him laughing even when he is a ball of nerves. 

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Have The Essentials Ready

Indian weddings involve long hours of dancing, greeting guests and posing for pictures. The ceremony will leave everyone feeling tired and worn down, but the groom needs to keep his energy up at all times. Be it mints or a Red Bull, make sure you have it ready when he needs it. Also, ensure that you have contacts of close family and friends so that you can contact them on behalf of the groom. 

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A Killer Speech Is A Must

This is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the best man and also something that you are pretty terrified of. This is the most important speech of the day, and you know that all eyes will be on you. The speech has to be the right mix of funny, nostalgic, embarrassing, and emotional. This requires time and multiple rewrites to finally get the tone and message right.

While including anecdotes about the groom, make sure not to go too far so that you don’t embarrass him or his spouse. If you are unsure about this, then run it by him beforehand. Also, your speech shouldn’t just be about the two of you. Include the spouse in it as well. 

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Helping Out With The Event

Be the extra pair of hands that everyone needs on the big day. Be it arranging for an extra set of chairs or mingling with guests, involvement in the various facets of the event is sure to get you some brownie points.