To be chosen as the maid-of-honor is probably the highest honor that your friend and sister can bestow upon you. When you are chosen as the maid-of-honor, it is probably your best friend’s or your sister’s wedding which you have been fantasizing about since forever. And this is the golden chance for you to help create a perfect wedding for them which you know they deserve.

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While the title, maid-of-honor, comes sounds fancy and important it also brings with it a lot of duties and responsibilities. And here we have listed down for you some of the significant roles that you will play. 

Pre-wedding Duties

Be the bride’s extra pair of hands

From day one, you will be acting as an extra set of arms, ears, and eyes. You will be the first person the bride turns to in case of any crisis, be it the choice of flowers or the seating plan. It is necessary that for the time leading up to the wedding, you are ready to put her needs ahead of hers.

Go shopping

This is probably the most fun part and something that you have been really looking forward to. But the choice is not easy, and the choice of bridal attire is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks at hand. Be patient, help the bride when she is confused, and always be honest. 

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Organize the Bachelorette/ Bridal Shower

This is where you will have to ask the entire bridal squad to pitch in. You should start preparing for it two-three months before the wedding, and it should be scheduled at least a few weeks before the wedding. At the party, make a list of gifts that the bride has received so that it is easier for her to write thank-you notes. 

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Get to know the best man

On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom will be communicating through you and the best man, so it will be easier if you get to know him beforehand. This will also help in coordinating bachelor/ bachelorette parties. 

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On The Day Of The Wedding

Help the bride remain calm

It is your job to calm the bride if she gets cold feet at the last moment. Talk to her, play music, and do anything else which might help her feel better. 

Carry an emergency kit

There are many things which the bride and the bridal party will need on the big day. So make sure you have an emergency kit packed and ready to go. Preferably, carry a big handbag and throw all the essentials in it. 

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Serve as the messenger between the bride and the wedding party

Any and all communication from the bride to everyone else will be going through you. So make sure that you are wearing relatively comfortable heels. 

Help the bride get ready.

This will be an emotional moment for both of you. Savor it and also get a few photos of the getting ready process. 

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Have all the essential contacts

The bride will not be carrying the phone with her and will be relying on you to make calls for her. So make sure that you have all the important numbers, both family, friends, and even the vendors.


We hope that we have been able to give you a broad overview of maid-of-honor duties. Bu the finer details of your responsibilities vary depending upon the type of wedding and your relationship with the bride. It is best to create an extensive to-do list and keep updating it as you go. But having said all that, don’t forget to enjoy the whole process.