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Engagement rings and their prominence in our lives have an untold magnitude. How to choose an engagement ring it is the choicest blessing that both the girl and the guy secretly and coyly crave for. And don’t presume it as an over-estimation or exaggeration. Just sit back withdrawn and grapple your heart. If even a faint smile stretches across your lips, you know I am not an expression wrong! So here we provide you with some tips on how to choose an engagement ring.

To keep your mystifying urge remains ever special to you, here are a few tips to consider while purchasing your engagement rings:

1) Settle on a budget:

Yes….while love is the emotional parameter to suffice all; monetary ability is the practical call. So, as I always say first things first, so decide your budget before everything else on how to choose an engagement ring.

Ideally, there’s a saying that one-tenth of your wedding budget should be spent in buying your wedding ring.

2) Ring size:

Imagine everything is perfect, the setting, the ambiance, the light, the dress, the smiles and then you bow down on your knees, take her hand in yours, clasp her finger, take the ring closer and ……………urghhhhhhhhhh…………it is a misfit!!! Okay! Enough to make you feel the gravity of the predicament.

So, let not your surprise leave you in shock instead. So carefully, note down the girth of the ring finger and get a size a little larger than the actual size. Remember engagement rings are usually meant to be worn through all seasons of weather and life. Hope! You get that! how to choose an engagement ring.

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3) The metal of the band:

The usual Indian choices for metal are either gold or silver or platinum. But breaking the stereotype for engagement rings you can also go for red gold or white gold.

White gold is gold alloyed with a white metal like palladium, manganese but usually Rhodium. Rhodium wears over time but some good jewelers replace it free of cost.

how to choose an engagement ring

Red Gold is an alloy of gold and copper. Trust me it looks real sport and for people like me who abhor yellow gold, this is a blissful alternative. Also, trending is bicolor rings.

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how to choose an engagement ring

Well, metal choices and their purity also depend a lot on your budget. So that has to be found out with your jeweler.

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 4)  Gemstone and setting:

The 4 C’s of gemstone- carat, color, cut and clarity all depends on the 5th C – Cost is one of the important factors on how to choose engagement rings. But a little research and negotiation should never be missed. A tip: find out if your partner likes the usual diamond or not. There is always a possibility of an exception like me. 😛

Talking of the setting, it is one very important criteria while choosing the gemstone. Your partner’s lifestyle should not tamper it. If your partner is an outgoing individual like a sportsperson or an adventure seeker, then the setting should be shallow and not risen. Also, the pattern recommended is the ones not having very intricate carvings otherwise it would cause dirt to settle and mar its natural shine.  Also, the risk of the stone wearing away is high.

5) Choice of jeweler:

Best piece of advice on how to choose engagement rings I can give here is to seek the advice of your already wedded friends or closed ones. Go for a reliable trustworthy jeweler and preferably in a not so showy shop. Keep it low because you know all the extravaganza is at your cost. Your jeweler should sell you hallmarked jewelry and please for the Divine’s sake do not ignore the bill. Pay a bit extra for taxes but make sure the ring is forever yours. God forbid, in the case of legal infringements you will not like to part with your wedding ring.

Hey you fella, where do you go…remember to order and collect your ring in advance. Who would like the fuss on your day? Happy Engagement!! 



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    Can you also provide names of some vendors/ desugners who have some unique designs for the engagement rings

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