What is the world without music? On one of the most important days of your life, your playlist needs to be on point! Creating this soundtrack is obviously a big deal. From picking your favorite songs, your significant other’s favorite songs, to the songs you adore as a couple. It is quite stressful. Therefore, it is necessary that you have some sort of path to follow and items to cross off your lists. The music for your wedding would be curated in the most suited way possible to you, with the help of these steps. 

Decide DJ or Band

The first and foremost thing to sort out here would be to see who would control the music for your wedding. Moreover, if you want a DJ or a live band. Some people pick DJs for ceremonies and live music for the reception. While others pick the exact opposite. DJs are open to a wide range of variety. In contrast, the band will only be comfortable playing their own set of the genre. You can obviously request both of them the songs you would like to be played. For this, you need a clarity on who exactly you want to put in charge of during the wedding for controlling music. 

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This point emphasizes gathering all sorts of inspiration required for your wedding. Whether it is listing down all songs you want or looking up for other music. In this scenario, if you have time, looking at other video clips of weddings and more will surely give you an idea of what you want. 

Regardless of this, if you are still curious, ask around in your family and your spouse’s family for the same to get ideas. Once you do so, you get a certain amount of clarity and your own ideas is to what you want at your wedding.

Wedding Event Related

For more inspirations, you may also factor in what events at your wedding that you might have. Having specifically targetted music for such events, or even pre-decided music will be extremely helpful. Moreover, the music will relate to a certain event specifically, which would make it more memorable. For instance, the first dance as a couple. It could have the most favorite song of the bride and groom playing!

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Wedding Theme Related

For more ideas, moving towards the theme of the wedding would also be a good way to start. The theme may be royal, rustic, minimal, etc. Songs matching the feel and vibe, of genres matching with the themes would also be a great idea for the sort of music to have around! Additionally, it would also add to the impact the theme was created to show.

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Walking the Aisle/ Entrance

The foundation of your songs should be strong and start strong. With a special song during the entrance of the couple, you could make it happen! The essence of this moment would be perfectly captured by this song. If you are having such an event at your wedding, that you want to emphasize on too- having a sentimental and memorable song would be the perfect way to go about it!

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Mix it Up

Finally, keep in mind that all songs need to mesh well together. Their structure needs to be cohesive and match the mood of the wedding. For this, you might need to mix the songs up and add enough variety so it portrays the same. Moreover, make it sound smooth and easy flowing. You might need to try it out before to events to get the look and feel of the same. If so, go for it, it will only help you get a better understanding and help you select the best music for your wedding!