Preparing for the most special day of one’s life, everyone wants to get the perfect wedding dress of all the things. From decorations to food arrangements and from your tiara to shoes, everything should be up to the mark. And the most important of all is the perfect wedding dress.

With a countless number of options available, it becomes cumbersome as well as confusing to get the most beautiful wedding dress. Though every blingy dress would attract you towards itself, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing your wedding dress. Here we have created a list of these things to make it easy for you to get your dream wedding dress.


perfect wedding dress

You must not ignore the expected weather on your wedding day. If you are getting married on a hot summer day, avoid too much heavy attire and jewelry to go with it. It might fascinate you while preparing for your wedding, but it gets really uncomfortable when you aren’t able to cope with the heat in that too heavy perfect wedding dress. Similarly, during winters choose a dress that will be comparatively warm and comfortable. For example, you can go for designer full sleeves dress instead of a backless bold blouse.

Traditional wedding dress

perfect wedding dress

If you are looking for traditional wedding dresses, it would be nice if you check out the regional shops first. They often have the most authentic of traditional dresses which even brands cannot imitate. Conventional wedding dresses are easy to find out in some of the traditions, they use a specific fabric for the dress. Make sure your designer/dealer is offering you the authentic one.

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Wedding dress complementing with your partner

perfect wedding dress

Don’t engross with your choices so much that you forget what your partner is wearing for the day. At least wear complimenting colors so that you look good in pictures together. You can also look out for customized dresses that go together just like you to do! Same embroidery and fabric can also be used to get the perfect ‘made for each other’ look.

Check out trends and make your mind

perfect wedding dress

Check out the latest ongoing trends and make up your mind for the kind of wedding dress you want. Don’t go for the very first one you see, and don’t try on too many dresses, it will unnecessarily result in increased confusion. Make a choice of the color, type of fabric, and the kind of dress you are looking for and then start your hunt. Don’t go for random dress hunting as you will end up more confused and messed up.


perfect wedding dress

This one is really important to keep in mind. Don’t try the dresses or spend too much time looking at dresses that go out of your budget. You will end up thinking about those and not liking the one you could finally manage to get. Only look for dresses within your budget and select the best of them, you will definitely end up loving it.

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perfect wedding dress

Your perfect wedding dress should fit in well so as to not create any hassle on the wedding day. Make sure that it is well fitted or you will end up holding it from here and there on the wedding day. So make yourself carefree about the dress on your wedding day.


perfect wedding dress

If you have decided on some special theme or colors to decorate your wedding venue, select a dress that will complement the venue as well. Choose the color and brightness of your wedding dress according to the lighting and color of the venue.


perfect wedding dress

This is very much important while choosing your perfect wedding dress. If you are going to wear gold jewelry then buy/design your dress accordingly. It is better you buy your jewelry later so that it can compliment your dress well, but in case you are wearing traditional jewelry, you might like considering if your wedding dress will compliment your jewelry or not.

So, prepare a checklist of these points and make sure you are not missing out on something important. Make your memories beautiful by being a little careful! 



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