You finally met someone, your soulmate, things clicked and now you both are planning to get hitched…… But wait getting married is not about both of you, as it is said, in Indian weddings you do not marry the guy or the girl but you marry their whole family. Hence to impress your in-laws before marriage becomes one of the most tedious tasks. But no worries we are here to help you out.


Impress Your in-laws



Tips To Impress Your In-Laws Before And During Wedding

Just follow these tips and surely you will be able to impress them within no time before and during your marriage.

1) Always Dress To Impress



Dress is probably the first thing everyone notices about you. The way you walk inside and what you are wearing is always on the scanner. So discard your casual cropped top and short skirts for a while and opt instead for something traditional like salwaar kameez to make a good first impression


2) Get To Know Your New Family

Impress Your in-laws


This is one of the most important tasks. If you do not know anything about your in-laws before meeting them, then ask your spouse to give you some information about them like about their likes and dislikes, their nature wether they are really talkative or quiet, etc. This would not only help you impress your in-laws before wedding, but also be a first step in helping you forge life-long bonds with them which would indeed help you get adjusted easily in your new family.


3) Display Your Manners And Etiquettes





Remember, the mannerisms taught to you by your parents and in schools? This is probably the right time to display them. During the wedding or whenever you visit them, behave your best and display your mannerisms and etiquettes while you dine with them or talk to them. Whether it’s  about showing your punctuality or helping them out, these little things can go a long way in making a good lasting impression over them.

4) Call Them Regularly

Impress Your in-laws



As you do with your new found friends, same implies here. Once you have met them, and started knowing them, call them often to get to know them more. Also in case they need your help in some of their personal matters, do oblige. This would help establish a more deeper bond and more trust between you both.

5) Compliment Them




Who does not like recieving a compliment? So never forget to shower compliments whenever you find something nice about them. Starters could be appreciating the food your mother in-law has made for you on your first visit to their house. Compliments can go a long way in opening them up to you and starting of a new friendship.

6) Give Them Gifts




When you visit them for the first time, make sure to ask your spouse about their likes and dislikes, and accordingly buy them gifts. The gifts should not be really expensive, but something that is meaningful. Gifts can also help you  impress your in-laws a bit more.

7) Include Them In Your Wedding Planning


Impress Your in-laws


Everyone wants to plan their wedding their own way. But they forget that wedding is after all not always about them but also about the people who would be accepting you as a part of their lives. Hence, it is really important that you ask your in-laws and include their opinions while planning for their wedding. They would be highly impressed and would come to know that you indeed value their opinion.

8) Take Them Shopping




Well it is said that shopping is the best time to forge new bonds. Also shopping can let you know about the likes and dislikes of your in-laws especially your mother-in-law. Take them when you go shopping for your bridal attire and accessories. After all your spouse’s mother would know the best about his or her choices. And their opinion would further help you out impressing your spouse on your wedding.


9) Treat Their Guests Well During The Wedding


Impress Your in-laws


This is indeed important to value not only your but your in-law’s guests as well. Treat them well. Take care that they are not facing any problems during the wedding. This is one of the best ways to impress your in-laws during wedding.

10) Give  Them Respect

Impress Your in-laws


Treating your in-laws with respect is one of the most important things. Treat them well, and in return they would also respect you and your opinions.


Never forget that your in-laws are also humans and as you need time to get to know them and adjust with them, they also need time to accept you in their lives. Give them some space when required and follow the above tips to make a long lasting impression on your in-laws.