incorporate pets in your wedding

incorporate pets in your wedding

When planning their wedding, many grooms and brides-to-be are at a loss about what to do with their beloved pets. Most pet owners would love nothing better than to have their pets by their side on their big day. A skeptic would say, but it is difficult to incorporate pets in a formal event like a wedding. We beg to differ. There are a million adorable ways to incorporate pets in your wedding! incorporate pets in your wedding

Be it a cat, dog, owl or bunny, or even an elephant! there are many ways in which you can include your furry friends in your wedding rituals! Take a look

Note: before you decide to make your pet a part of your wedding. You need to keep in mind their temperament. Are they friendly, obedient and love meeting people (coz there will be lots of new faces) or moody, nervous and agitated around strangers?

incorporate pets in your wedding

1. The shoe stealer

Suraj Barjatya first knew the importance of a ‘man’s best friend’, on his wedding day! The hero Prem’s pet dog Tuffy plays messenger, matchmaker, and MVP of the wedding by hiding the groom’s shoes from his feisty sister’s in law in the 1994 super hit movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. You too can incorporate pets in your wedding by assigning your pet dog to stand guard over those precious shoes. Just keep him supplied with his favorite food and drinks so he doesn’t wander away.incorporate pets in your wedding

incorporate pets in your wedding

2. Thinking How to Incorporate Pets in Your Wedding?In Your Wedding Invite!

Pet parents are increasingly taking to feature their babies in their wedding invitations as a way to incorporate pets into their wedding and the results are aww-adorable! Sample this!

incorporate pets in your wedding

3. My Pet Photobomber!

Even if your pet can’t make it to the wedding venue due to time or space constraints, you can still make them a part of the celebration of keeping a large cut out of their face as a prop at your photo booth, like this couple did! This is a great way to incorporate pets into your wedding!

incorporate pets in your wedding

4. An Elephantine Wedding

If you are one for lavish weddings, then what better way to show some animal love, than have a majestic elephant grace your wedding. Associated with luck and prosperity; elephants have, traditionally,  been the favored rides of Indian royals. Richly adorned elephants, in glittering fabrics and ornaments, are still a part of Indian weddings and other auspicious occasions like Pujas.

incorporate pets in your wedding

5. Actions Speak Louder

Make a thoughtful gesture towards your animal friends by making a donation to an animal care organization or a charity like PETA. You will also be encouraging your guests by leading the way towards a sincere cause.

incorporate pets in your wedding

6. Time for a Family Photograph

Your family photo will be incomplete, without the littlest member of the family, your beloved pet!

incorporate pets in your wedding

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7. That’s One Funny Bone!

Placing a “funny bone” with a little joke at the back, at each guests table is a great idea to keep your guests in good humor!

incorporate pets in your wedding

8. Marley and Me

Before the hustle and bustle of the wedding starts, spend some quality time with your pet so that they don’t feel neglected. And don’t forget to get ‘em pics!

incorporate pets in your wedding

incorporate pets into your wedding

9. Made for Each Other

Don’t be shy in showing the world who your real soulmate is, by making matching wedding outfits for you and your pet!

incorporate pets in your wedding

10. Because it’s a Black Tie Event

Dress your baby up in a cute bowtie or tux, a tiara or necklace if it’s a girl, for the wedding. If your pet is a bit jumpy, then go for a simple black collar of a flower wreath to complement the formal wedding theme.

incorporate pets in your wedding

11. Return Gift

You can pay a tribute to your furry companion by giving a fun, pet-themed return gifts to your guests. A friend and her husband gifted horseshoes to their guests as return gifts. Horseshoes are said to bring luck in some cultures.

incorporate pets in your wedding

12. Hire a Pet-Sitter

Weddings are a hectic affair, you may not get the time to care for your pets during the ceremony. Therefore, it is important that you hire a pet-sitter or entrust a responsible friend or relative to watch over your little one. Also make sure that you bring lots of food, drinks, and toys to keep your pet busy.

Do tell us how Your pet became a part of your big day and made it extra special!