It is your wedding and off course you want to look the best and so you invest in an expensive lehenga. But have you always been concerned about how to take care of the beautiful lehenga and keep it fresh after your wedding day? You cannot just wrap it up and store it away.


Doing so will certainly spoil the delicate fabric and embroidery. So, look at these ways to keep your bridal lehengas fresh where certainly reusing is one best option.

Finishing Work


During the wedding ceremony, there are chances of some beads or danglers falling from the outfit or any embroidery damage. It may be any damage to the outfit and you need to check that damage once you are done wearing the lehenga for your wedding. After this you immediately send your outfit to the story so they can work on the damage and give finishing touches. It is advisable to send your outfit for dry cleaning after finishing work but it can be vice-versa depending on what requires immediate action.

Dry Cleaning

The first thing that you should do after your wedding is done is to give your bridal lehenga for dry cleaning. Do not delay or postpone doing this. The more you delay, the higher are the chances of stains or spots becoming permanent on the outfit, especially the sweat marks. Dry cleaning also seals the color of the fabric ensuring the color of your lehenga doesn’t fade or preventing it from discoloration in the future.


This process can actually decide how fresh and perfect your bridal outfit will remain. Folding “CORRECTLY” is very important. Wrong folds can damage the work of the lehenga. Before folding, it is advisable to place sheets of tissue paper or soft fabrics between the folds so that the sequins, zari, or any other embroidery does not rub against each other or get tangled. Also, keep changing the folds from time to time to prevent the fabric from tearing at the creases.


Improper storage can spoil your outfit completely. Always wrap the outfit in an unbleached cotton or muslin cloth and store it in a place that is cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. However, once in a while take out your outfit from the box and show it some fresh air and sunlight, this will help in keeping the outfit more fresh and new. If you are storing it in a cupboard, make sure it is moth free. Add some naphthalene balls or pieces of cloves to muslin cloth so that your outfit is not attacked by insects and always smells good.

Go For Wedding Dress Preservationist


If you don’t want to get into the fuss of carrying out these steps for making your bridal lehenga look fresh and new then opt for agencies that help in packing and storing the wedding outfit in the right way. For those who are worried about preserving them then wedding dress preservationists are the right option for you.

Reuse/Transform Your Lehenga


 By following the above steps will obviously make your outfit look new and fresh but it also means you’re literally dumping it away which will make it lose its charm. The best way to preserve your bridal outfit is to transform and reuse. You can use the different parts of the outfit to create new outfits. Like the bridal lehenga blouse can be used with a plain saree or its ghagra can be used with another contrasting blouse to create all together a completely new outfit. Try doing some DIY with your outfit and create a new look. 

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Follow these steps to keep bridal lehengas always fresh and new and look all special and regal whenever you wish to.