When you think of the wedding, the first thing that comes into the mind is that it is the most important day of the bride’s life. But that is a half-truth. The wedding is the most important day of the groom’s life too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make the groom feel a little special too.

If the groom is trying to make his bride happy, then now it is the bride’s turn to consider the happiness of the groom. So here are a few ways which will help you to make your husband to feel special and loved:

How to make the groom feel special?

Decision making

Wedding is a union of two people. If the wedding is important for the bride then it is also important for the groom. Therefore, before making any decision on the wedding, be it small like choosing flowers or big decisions like choosing venues, don’t do it without discussing with the groom. You have to start a new life as a couple and every important thing should be discussed before arriving at the final decision. And when the important thing is a wedding, you must make sure your fiance agrees to all the things. That is because it’s his wedding too.


Choices matter

You should acknowledge your groom’s choices even when you go shopping for yourself. Ask him his favorite color and coordinate your outfit accordingly. Your partner will be happy even if you consider his small preference is like including his favorite dish in the menu. More than materialistic things, these small considerations are the key to real happiness.

Help him Shop

If we are talking about men, generally 75% of them do not like to shop. And a wedding is incomplete without shopping. So help him shop for all the functions and rituals. This will reduce his half of the stress and help him to relax.


Set up a grooming appointment

Pampering isn’t related to any gender. Therefore, set up an appointment at the salon for your beloved and ask him to enjoy the session. In this wedding stress a session of mani-pedi and massage will bring back his peace and help him to enjoy the entire wedding.


Small notes

Expressing love is the best way to make someone feel special. And handwritten notes are one the best mediums to do so. Small notes stating the importance of your fiance in your life will make him blush. Small actions like leaving notes will make him realize how lucky he is to have a perfect life partner in his life. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both of you.


Hear him out

Wedding planning can cause a lot of stress. As much responsibility you have on your shoulder, he also has the same amount of responsibility. Therefore, make sure you hear him out when he is pouring his heart out. Listening patiently to him will allow him to calm down and relax from his stress. Assure him that you are together in this and you will never leave his side.

On the wedding day

Every time you get a chance, hold his hand. Amidst all those wedding rituals and ceremonies, make eye contact, and let him know this is the best day of your life. When people are not looking, whisper something romantic in his ear and see him blushing the entire time. Whisper ‘I Love You’ out of nowhere and look at the smile on his face. Dedicate a song to him at your reception. And with your eyes let him know how happy you are to start the new journey of your life.


The groom doesn’t require huge gifts or any other special treatment. He just needs to know that you are happy and your happiness will make him forget everything. But it is your duty to look out for your fiance because at the end it’s his wedding too.