Weddings in India are a perfect combination of beautiful and eye-catching decor, dazzling outfits, the world celebrations with all your loved ones getting together leaving all their engagements. When it comes to a wedding in our country, it is like a big festival for the whole family of the bride and groom. With everybody having a great time, those 4-5 days including all the pre-wedding functions and the big day go away in a blink. Moreover, there are so many moments to cherish, memories created to remember forever, and celebrations that can never go out of style.


As you plan your perfect wedding with the best venues and decor it can be difficult to keep an eye on what’s going wrong. There are small, little mistakes made by every couple and their family no matter how much they pre-plan and have perfect homework done. Few mistakes cannot be avoided but there are still a few things that are under our control. One such aspect to look after is how the environment is being harmed due to our larger than life celebrations. From the plastic utensils or cutlery to the wastage of paper, to the decor that can’t be reused to the wedding favors that are not environment-friendly, the list can belong. It is our responsibility to look after our planet even when we are living the best moments of our life and hence adapt ways on how to plan an eco-friendly wedding in India.

Eco-Friendly Wedding in India


Instead of just celebrating with fancy food, drinks, and dance, why not make your big day even more memorable. Plant a sapling, anyone that you both as a couple and all your family members want. That would be the real symbolization of growth and luck as you enter the new phase of your life.

Sustainable Decor


These days wedding decor is very important. It helps to set the right vibe and give your D-day the fairy tale look that you had always wished for. In this process, a lot of plastic, thermal coal, and other products which are meant for just single-use are used. Having more sustainable decor with reusable items or nature-inspired products could be considered. These could include wooden logs or decoration on trees, bamboos, less paper wastage, use of available material at home, etc. is a good step towards an environment-friendly celebration.

Usage of Venue

When you occupy a large land, it should be according to your needs like your guest list, the number of food counters, bar space, sitting arrangement, and the stage occupancy. It is very important to have proper usage of the space that you have taken over.

Wedding Invitations and Favors


These days the best way to have an environment-friendly invitation is the usage of e-cards. With the ever-increasing number of social media users, you can use so many platforms to circulate the e-card. It can be a fancy poster with all details about your functions, their venues, and timing or a well-designed video. If you really need a tangible one,  just go for handmade and eco-friendly, recyclable paper options

Along with inviting your loved ones, wedding favors are a way of thanking them for their presence and blessings. Gift something that they can not only put to use but can also help promote sustainable living. They can include products made from bamboo or other recyclable materials.

Recyclable Cutlery

The usage of recyclable bamboo or reusable cutlery is a good option. It can help to avoid a lot of plastic waste that accumulates after a wedding celebration.

Along with this cloth napkin that could be collected somewhere after use for reusing them after a good wash by the caterer is a good idea to avoid the paper wastage.

Bar and Food Counters

The bar and food counters could be decorated with rugs made of eco-friendly or reusable material.  The handmade decoration on them can provide a rustic and unique look.

Stage Essentials

The stage essentials include a beautiful backdrop with a good and comfortable sofa or chairs. Using decorative wooden chairs can be a step further in the sustainable era.

Cutting Out on Non-Essential Items

A very important part of planning a sustainable celebration is not using things that are not really required. These might include menu cards, or extra decoration on every table, items to welcome each guest, etc. These can easily be avoided for a perfect, beautiful, and environment-friendly wedding, cutting down on wastage.