Plan Beach themed wedding

Destination weddings have become the “in” thing nowadays, be it Palaces in Rajasthan to luxury hotels across the world we have heard it all. But to break the monotony head to the beach. There is nothing more romantic than vows taken on the beach with sounds of waves crashing on the shore and the sun meeting the sea at the horizon creating a scenic view.

Best Ways to Plan Beach Themed Wedding Effectively

To make this dream wedding come true we are going to share tips to plan beach themed wedding.

1. Planner is a Must

Before you begin anything, hire a planner. From booking areas on the beach to getting stuff organized you will need them everywhere. Also, when you have so much to do its the best to share your load with someone.

Plan Beach themed Wedding

 2. Time is the Key

Beaches tend to get really warm and humid in the afternoon. To avoid this either choose a shady place on the beach or have a morning ceremony to be on the good side of the weather. Make sure that you check the tide schedule online before setting the time of the wedding.

Plan beach themed wedding

3. Invites

Neutral tones, starfish or seashells as accessories and hand weaved fiber paper are the perfect combination for a beach wedding invite.

Plan Beach themed wedding

4. Decor on Point

Flowers can make anything look beautiful but as you plan beach themed wedding ensure that you choose the right flowers. Orchids and Chrysanthemums are good for any sort of weather as they are surprisingly hard. Add starfish to your bouquet to add a touch of the theme. A jar or conch shell filled with flowers will be the perfect centrepiece. Starfish and raffia on your chairs will be the perfect touch to your wedding decor.

Plan beach themed wedding

5. Arrive in Style

When you have the sea at your whims why not use it to the fullest. Arrive at the venue in a boat to make that memorable entry you have always dreamed of.

Plan Beach themed wedding

6. Dress Right

Heavy lehengas and gowns should be avoided. Instead, wear lighter clothes like a saree or tea-length dress in airy fabrics to beat the heat. The groom can also forgo suits and sherwanis, instead, they can wear a loose shirt and pants.

Plan Beach themed wedding

7. Photo Heaven

Beaches are the perfect place to get yourself clicked and if it’s your wedding then nothing can be better. But to make the most of it, hire a photographer who has shot beach weddings because only he knows about the proper lighting techniques. 

Some of the must-have shots are:

  • Heart in the sand
  • In front of breaking waves
  • Silhouettes against the sun
  • walk along the beach

Plan beach themed wedding

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8. Food Tips

Try to incorporate the food and customs of the area where you are having the wedding. When deciding the menu, keep the temperature in mind as some food get spoilt at high temperatures and you don’t want the guests to be disappointed with the food.

Plan Beach themed wedding

9. Backup is Must

Weather in such beachy locations is unpredictable. So rent a tent for any emergency. 

Plan Beach themed wedding

10. For the Guests

To ensure the guests have a memorable time you can use the following ideas:

  • Have a shoe check and provide flip-flops so that the guests don’t end up with sand in their shoes
  • Provide buckets filled with toys to keep the kids busy
  • Provide brushes so that they can clean their feet before wearing their shoes back on

Plan Beach themed wedding

To plan beach themed wedding is not an easy task. Hope our suggestions will help.



About the Author:

Isha, a budding statistician with a knack for writing, an obsession of reading and passion for food.