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How to Plan Big Fat Indian Muslim Wedding

Muslim weddings are usually organized according to Islamic traditions. However, rich Muslims may consider arranging the entire wedding ceremony in a luxurious style, fitting their affluent status in society. There are many ways of making a Muslim wedding memorable in India, being extravagant in all aspects of the wedding preparation.

Hiring mega palaces, stadiums and forts

Wealthy Muslim couples can choose expensive places as their wedding venues. They may want to hold their wedding in a historic palace where they can have a taste of the royal lifestyle. A large stadium can also be hired as the wedding venue if a huge number of guests are expected at the wedding. Some ancient forts can also be hired with permission from relevant authorities, just for conducting the wedding ceremony and reception party.


The wedding venue can be adorned with silk or satin drapes, along with floral garlands and bouquets fixed at different points on the walls and pillars. The bride and groom can sit on an elegant couch of a vintage look, preferably under a chandelier, surrounded by golden or silver candle stands, luxurious drapes, and floral décor. Chairs and sofas can be provided with velvet cushions, matching the color scheme of the drapes and the carpet covering the floor.   

Invitations Cards

Expensive wedding cards in the form of scrolls are usually preferred by many rich Muslims. These scrolls are made of silk, wrapped around two golden or silver rods on either end, following the styles of writing letters in ancient Muslim royal families. Professional card makers create amazing Muslim wedding invitation designs on expensive handmade paper or vellum paper. They may also like wedding cards to be enclosed in timber boxes, adorned with gold or silver designs.

Image Resource: parekhcards.com

Designer Outfits and accessories

Rich Muslim brides generally wear expensive lehengas with a long choli or full-sleeved kameez, along with a gorgeous matching dupatta. All parts of the bridal outfits are embellished with extensive zardozi designs or zari embroideries with golden or silver threads. These red, pink, lavender, dark green, or golden colored bridal dresses are paired with gems-studded gold necklace, bangles, large earrings, nose ring, and a jhoomar. Grooms prefer to wear gorgeous sherwanis with churidar, silk kurta pajama with brocade achkan, or a closed neck coat or jacket with salwar.

Image Resource: pexels.com

Food from across the globe

Generally, Muslims prefer some special cuisines in their wedding feasts, like mutton or chicken biriyani, different types of kebabs, chicken roast, mutton rogan josh, and chicken korma. However, wealthy Muslims also prefer to serve some exotic dishes to their guests, among which Italian dishes like Risotto, pizza, and pasta are very popular. Chocolate or cheese fondue is a Swiss dessert that is often served in Muslim weddings, along with Indian delicacies, like jalebis and gulab jamun.

Best photographer

It is best to hire an expert Muslim photographer, who can take both still photos and videos of all wedding rituals. Being a Muslim himself, he will know all about Muslim customs and how to capture splendid moments of the new couple. He will take photos of the bride and groom with their important wedding guests, to create some everlasting memories for them. He may discuss a few photography styles with the clients, to choose the most suitable one for their wedding.

Image Resource: unsplash.com

Book all entertainers for all functions

Muslim weddings can be made more entertaining by hiring DJs and expert musicians for playing jovial music in all the functions. They may also hire a live band to play during the wedding reception party. Rich Muslims also arrange for lighting different varieties of fireworks for the entertainment of their wedding guests.

Significance of Pre & post wedding rituals

There are several pre and post-wedding rituals for Muslim brides and grooms. All these rituals are not just for enjoyment or religious cause. The main purpose of these rituals is to make the bride and groom mentally prepared for this new relation. They also get chances to know their in-laws through these rituals. The relationship between the two families is strengthened by the exchange of gifts during some of these rituals.

Therefore, the wedding is a grand celebration for wealthy Muslims and it is organized in a more lavish way than common Muslim weddings.




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