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5 Different Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

We spend hours of our time and thousands of rupees in searching for our perfect bridal lehenga for our big day.We look out for the perfect colour, perfect fit and the latest and the trendiest design for our lehenga. But, what happens to that," Oh my God, this is so pretty" lehenga after the wedding? Well, most of you tuck away your "Oh so pretty" lehenga into the back of your closet. Also, it's disheartening to see the beautiful lehenga tucked away in a closet because it's heavily embroidered. But ladies, don't worry it seems like we have a solution for you.

How to Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

We are here to give you five awesome tricks on how you can reuse your wedding lehenga.

1. Reuse the Blouse

Most of the lehenga blouses are heavily embroidered with mirrors, kantha, zardosi, pearls and stones. They look extremely beautiful but due to a lot of embroideries, they are usually heavy. Hence, you can reuse your bridal blouse with a plain saree with a lot of flares or reuse it with a plain long skirt and a nice hairdo or you can team your embroidered blouse with a plain lehenga and plain dupatta

                                                                                                                         Image source

2. Reuse the Skirt

Teaming your wedding lehenga with a long embellished jacket will bring a wow factor to your outfit.

                                                                                                               Image source

If your lehenga has heavy embroidery work then you can pair your skirt with a long kurta and flaunt a stunning look just like our Bebo.

Image Source                                                                                                                                    

Or you can team your lehenga skirt with a plain top and look absolutely gorgeous. 

                                                                                                            Image source


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3. Reuse your Lehenga Dupatta

There is no specified rule that you have to wear your lehenga as a set. You can break them wear them separately as per your whims and fancies. So, if you have a heavy embellished lehenga dupatta then you can stitch it into a beautiful kurti and flaunt the look in evening parties or functions. Or just pair it with salwar suits you already have in your closet. You can also get you dupatta stitched into a beautiful blouse. Moreover, you can also use your dupatta as a saree. 

                                                                                                                         Image source

 4. Turn it Into an Anarkali Suit 

The best way to reuse your wedding lehenga is to turn it into an anarkali suit which will definitely fetch you loads of compliments. Depending on the style of your lehenga you can either stitch the blouse and lehenga together and add a belt at the waist and have your suit ready. You can even attach a simpler blouse with the lehenga if your blouse is heavily embroidered.  Thus, transforming your lehenga into an anarkali will look less bridal even though it is equally embellished.

                                                                                                               Image source

5. Make Home Accessories

This may sound a little weird but if you don't want to rent your lehenga or couldn't find a better use for it then, you can reuse your wedding lehenga by making home accessories from it. Won't it be great to have a house full of scarfs, cushions covers,  bags, clutches, photo frames and other home accessories that will remind you of your big day?

                                                                                                                                 Image source

Or you can always leave it as it is nicely wrapped at the back of your closet or pass it down to your daughter and have it altered into something more modern.


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So, don't let your prized possessions get lost at the back of your closet; it's high time you take them out. Mix and match your dupatta, lehenga and blouse with different attires and transform them into something new. Now, we have given you some ideas to reuse your wedding lehenga. So, take it out and flaunt it. If you can think of some other way to reuse bridal lehenga then do comment below 

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