Pinterest is an American social media web and mobile application company. It is a software designed for saving and discovery of information using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.

By saving images and creating boards, here is how Pinterest can be used for wedding planning guide. Take a look.

Fresh and new wedding board should be created, whose ever you are the beginner or already a user for the app. Name it as your “Wedding Planning Checklist”.

Within this board, we will create at least seven sections which will be:

1. Wedding Theme/Scheme

Start pinning the overall feel/vibe that you would want on your wedding day. The color inspiration, decor ideas. Any particular theme that you want for any of your pre-wedding functions which could be either white and gold, bollywood night, neon colors and more should be pinned here. All the decor ideas for your venue that you want can be pinned here. 

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2. Hair/Makeup and Outfit

All the makeup and hair inspiration ideas and images should be pinned here. Specific details can be of great help when finalizing the same. Outfits for all the functions should be pinned, an idea about the pattern for the outfit helps you in deciding quickly. 

3. For The Bridesmaid

Pin all the outfit, makeup inspiration on this board. Also, incorporate your Ideas For Bachelorette, the theme and venue ideas for the same. This could also include bridesmaid gifting option ideas. 

4. For The Groom

This should include your groom’s look inspiration. Nowadays, couples have started coordinating their outfits for weddings so in this category you could insert some inspiration from the looks that have been already created. Again, here you could include ideas for gifting groomsmen. This will surely help your guy to get ideas. 

5. For The Guests

This should include image inspiration for Wedding Invitations , save the date cards, wedding favor ideas, basically all the paper related work. 

6. Food And Drink

Anytime you come across some yummy inspiration, make sure you add it to this category. You can add buffet table decor ideas, bar ideas, menu list ideas, signages that you want for the food section and stuff like that. 

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7. Photography

This category is super important and you should start already pinning ideas for this category as soon as you make the wedding planning board. Whenever you come across some cute pictures that you would also want to recreate, just add them to this board so that you can share it with your photographer. This helps them to get an idea about what your style and taste is and they will know exactly how you want your photographs to be. Not only for the wedding day but for pre-wedding functions and pre-wedding shoots, pin some ideas.

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Get free pinterest planning blueprint worksheet here.

These are the seven categories that you must break into for planning the wedding. These might seem a bit overwhelming but are of great use when you sit down for planning each of these work.

Last and the most important step of this pinterest process is pin anything that you love the most and are going to do the same for your wedding at the top and the rest after that. This helps you to know that a particular idea was almost confirmed by you whenever you open the board. It also helps you to show your vendors about what you actually want. Thus, an organized board is also needed. This will definitely help you keep a clean and an unstressful vision for your wedding.