Wedding Hashtags have become a thing at weddings since the last year. Couples usually come up with hashtags after their wedding is fixed or after they are engaged which they use it for everything in their wedding be it wedding invites or personalized gift hampers. 


Wedding hashtags are also a great way to create fun and drama on Instagram and Facebook by adding pictures of the wedding and just putting the caption as the wedding hashtag of the couple. Take some inspiration to create your own, we bring you a few ideas and steps for the best wedding hashtag!

Ideas For Your Wedding Hashtag

Personalize It


Personalizing your wedding hashtag is huge and makes it is easier to remember. Try to play around with the names of bride and grooms first and if nothing sets in there, only then shift to dates or other events of their lives.

Make It Memorable


In order for all of the photos to get tagged appropriately, ensure the hashtag is at the tip of guests’ fingertips as they’re typing their captions. People will use it if it’s really catchy and easy to remember. And the couples would also love it if you wish them on their first wedding anniversary with the same hashtag and that’s only possible if you make the hashtag memorable and easy to remember.

Don’t Make It Complicated

If your fiance’s last name is complicated to pronounce or spell just try to avoid it in the wedding hashtag. Because this will make it complicated for your friends and relatives to remember as well as spell out or even make mistakes while posting it on social media. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. Instead, try to focus on first names, wedding location (if its a destination wedding), the theme of the wedding or an important date. Also, don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of each word to make it look simpler.

Spread The Word

You have finalized your wedding hashtag and now it’s time to get the word out. Coming up with the perfect hashtag is a start, but you also want to get people to use it. Create the hashtag as soon as possible so you can use it wherever possible for spreading it. From save the date cards, wedding invites, favors, and more. On the day of the wedding too, you should have cute reminders for the hashtag like putting it on the menu, coasters on the cocktail bar and more such ways to spread the word. 

Try Wedding Hashtag Generator

Still, stumped on finding the right wedding hashtag for your Big Day?

Don’t break your brain trying to come up with the perfect option. Instead, let technology be your friend by getting lots of free wedding hashtags using a wedding hashtag generator. This is the easiest way to come up with a hashtag for your wedding.

You can try any of these websites- Madrasi Bride, Wedding MixWedding WireeWedding.

Steps To Design Your Own Wedding Hashtag


Step 1:

Use your first name or nickname or hobbies or words related to your hobbies, and where/how you met or any specific memorable event which can be put into a small word or destination for your wedding. 

Step 2:

Find all the words that sound like and rhyme with the names and words you came up with in step 1.

Step 3:

Do some wordplay by adding puns. Look for rhymes, synonyms, and puns for a wedding hashtag that’s both clever and memorable. Puns bring out the best hashtags ever. Getting married in Kerala? #ItsABoatTime, #LetsGetKnotical. Is she/he a nurse? #ForBetterOrNurse. Is she/he a police officer? #ForTheArrestOfOurLives. 

Step 4 :

Nothing rhymes with your names or hobbies or anything from step 1? Then it’s time for using alliterations. Alliterations are the last stop on the hashtagging journey. They have the benefit of ease of memorability, ease of spelling, and most importantly ease of generation.


 A: Aisle, Always, All About, After
B: Begin, Become, Betting On, Bring, Bride, Better
C: Call Us, Club, Catching, Choosing, Chasing
D: Down, Double, I Do
E: Ever, Everlasting
F: Finally, Forever
G: Go, Gladly, Get, Gotta
H: Have, Heart, Hold, Happily, Hitched, Hung Up, Hello
I: I Do

So look into the ideas and then go ahead and try these steps to come up with a great wedding hashtag!

Hope these ideas and steps to design your own best wedding hashtag are of much use to you. We would love to see the hashtags that you generated with the help of these ideas and steps in the comment section below.