You have no idea that it is a big deal to plan the ultimate Bachelorette party or weekend stay and mainly to be able to stick to that plan and pull it off efficiently. There is a lot of communication, organization, and confusion involved since it is a real challenge to deal with multiple bridesmaid/groomsmen and finalizing on a single date for the party/weekend stay where everyone could manage to be part of. So, whether you are planning a hometown or destination event, knowing how to plan a bachelorette party is essential and here are few ideas  for planning the party of a lifetime. 



Firstly, there is no hard and fast rule about when one should plan for their bachelorette (off course before the wedding) but two-three months before the wedding if its a trip and a month before the wedding if it is a party should work.

The bride/groom should sit and plan their big party of the year with their respective bridesmaid/groomsmen where every one could share their ideas and give inputs. Details like bachelorette party/staycation location, theme, timeframe, guest lists, matching outfits, jist of what all to do should be penned down as a part of your pre-plan part.

Get your girls/guys on board to plan so that when you look out for bookings and itinerary, you don’t have essential information missing.


Set A Budget

Now that you have an overall idea as to how you are going to plan your bachelorette, it is time for fixing on the budget so that you can begin the bookings and appointments. Talk with the other bridesmaids/groomsmen about how much each of them can afford to spend on the night, and negotiate until everyone is on the same page. Once the budget is fixed and you have cash in hand, start booking for the same.

Finalize the itinerary accordingly once the budget is fixed. This should include your activities and expeditions and games that you would do during the party/staycation. Don’t forget to keep some free time in between activities because you don’t want to get exhausted. Also, plan the restaurants/catering that you will have for eating because FOOD is the ultimate priority.

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Don’t Make It About Gifts

Gifts and presents are not required for being a part of your bachelorette, make it a rule. There is a strong misconception that every wedding-related activity should involve gifts. Surely, it should be fun watching the bride open her exciting gifts but it is not mandatory because you have more interesting activities to do after all.

Gift-giving can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to all of the pre-wedding events, so trust us, you’re not the first person to question whether you need to shell out for another gift or whether your presence is enough of a present.


Order For Props, Decor, and Necessities:

Make a list of all the tiniest thing that you would be required to carry for your bachelorette. You are just a week away from your ultimate party and so you must order all those necessities which you need and want to make your party the perfect and unforgettable of all. This should include all decor items like photo booth props, personalized banners, team bride/groom badges, balloons and dining essentials like cups and plates, cupcake toppers and personal items like a swimsuit, PJs, coordinated outfits. 



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Rules About Social Media:

We all know how important it is to post details about your life on Social Media, be it from what are you eating to where are you traveling. But remember that not all of us like to post all the details of their personal life on Social Media.

Even though you are having the best of times, it is rude to post on any social media platforms of details about what all you did on your friends’ bachelorette if the bride doesn’t wants so. She definitely doesn’t want her boss to scroll down his Instagram and see her having shots.

Clicking pictures is not a NO-NO but having them posted on social media could be for some brides/grooms. But if the bride/groom has no issues on letting their deets about their bachelorette out then go ahead and do that.

Make Memories:

This is going to be the last few days/months before you start your new life. You have finally pulled off on planning a great bachelorette for your pals. You can see them enjoying, dancing the night away and so what are you waiting for?



If you are busy still making those food and drinks arrangements, then set aside for some time and HAVE FUN!

Because it is happening, it is legit happening.