Lavish, colorful, special and memorable are the words that come to our mind when we talk about weddings. Weddings have always been a special opportunity to get-together; meet everyone whom you haven’t met for long. It is the perfect time for the whole family to have a close, gaming and gossip session over delicious food and classy cocktails. It is the time of celebration and happiness and everybody is in the right mood to enjoy it.

Everyone who attends the wedding along with the bride and groom wants to have a memorable wedding. Make memories that stay in our minds and hearts forever. Memories that we talk about whenever we think of this day again and it is blissful to have such a wedding. The perfect way to store these memories, and have a good laugh while you remember the day, are wedding albums. Nowadays, photos play an important part in the lives of everyone. They are a way to express what we feel, what we like and love, sharing them with the whole world on social media. With these soft copies of the memories, we create are apt to be shared on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps. But having a hard copy of all your special moments is important too.

Importance of Albums

These days’ people spend a lot of money, effort and time to hire the best photographer to get beautiful shots of the whole event. People need pictures of every guest, the beautiful decorations they had paid a hefty amount for and the candid shots are an in thing these days. Posing for a picture is considered too mainstream these days as the candid pictures are loved by all. For these people hire special photographers. Each guest wants his/her perfect shot with the bride and groom. Even the bride and groom have their special photography, along with taking shots of their wedding outfit, accessories and making special videos separately.

The hard copy including the pictures of the bride and groom, along with their parents, relatives, and few special guests helps to keep a memory forever. 

  • Albums are a storehouse of all beautiful moments and memories.
  • A lot of editing and creativity can be put in making an album.
  • The memories are safe in an album even if something goes wrong with the soft copies.
  • Albums help to relive all the moments in one go.
  • It consists of only the selected and important pictures.
  • Albums are important to have a personal touch.
  • Not everyone has a device to keep soft copies like our grandparents, so albums are apt for them.

Changes in Trends of Photo Albums

Older Trends


Earlier the photo albums were very different from what we see now. It was a large book with thick black papers on which photos were stuck with glue. Very popular during the 1950’s, these were not the ideal albums as it leads to deterioration of the pictures due to the acidic content of paper and glue. Later during the 1970’s, there were smaller albums, which were easier to carry and store were used by people. They consisted of individual photo columns covered with transparent paper open on one side, photographs slipped into them.

New Trends


They are no more likes scrap books in earlier days. These days, albums are more like expensive books with printed photographs. A few studios use Archival quality paper to preserve the photos for long. Printing uses different shapes, editing styles, and effects. Photo albums use several designer covers. With the photo of the bride and groom printed on top, fur, or stone-crafted exteriors, there are many choices.

As weddings are an emotional affair, storing memories that do justice to your emotions is important. Photo albums give the right power, to change according to your needs, get the best and necessary pictures printed with the budget and style of your choice.