It’s time to start planning that big day! There is so much planning and work that goes into preparing for a wedding. Finding the venue, picking the perfect date, putting together a great menu, and organizing the ideal seating chart can be stressful. However, we are here to help by offering the most important wedding planning tips.

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Make Smart Decisions

When planning a wedding there are tons of decisions that need to be made, some sooner than others. Making these decisions is important but doing it strategically is going to be the most beneficial in the long run. Be sure to make the most important decisions first. For example, picking your date, your budget, your venue and even your color scheme are major decisions. Most other decisions need to be made based on these. This is why making these choices need to be done first but decided carefully as they are the foundation of the rest of your wedding. If you don’t know where to start, there’s a lot of helpful guides like this one from Wedding Wire that gives a nudge on where to begin!

Once these major decisions are made you can continue on to making the smaller decisions that fit within those. The simple tasks are then easy to complete so you can start to check off tasks on your list. Tasks like buying your groomsmen gifts are something you can do even before you know the “foundation” decisions. Groomsmen gifts are an important aspect as well but don’t require you and your bride together to make the decision. Deciding what to get can be tricky though. You can buy groomsmen gifts online at and other places on the internet, making shopping more convenient than ever. Completing these tasks sooner than later will help to take the load off of yourself later on down the road when you get closer to the big day. 

 Get Organized and Focused

When it comes to planning anything out, not just a wedding, it is super helpful to create a list. If you can make a list of things that you know need accomplished or decisions that need to be made, the entire process will be much easier. There are a lot of resources you can access just from a simple Google search to aid you in creating or starting your list. With the abundance of online resources at your disposal, there is an organizer for virtually anything. For example, if you are really concerned about budgeting, The Knot has a cool tool that eases this pain. 

Along with your list, you should also focus on prioritizing it. Making notes or highlighting things that need done first or are time sensitive. Keeping notes of things that come to mind will make it easier in the future when trying to think of creative or unique ideas. Even get yourself a planner to help keep track of these time sensitive tasks. You should also use it so you can keep track of your appointments regarding your wedding. Things, like touring venue locations or trying different cakes, are appointments you do not want to miss and should be apart of. Keeping a planner will help you keep dates and time sensitive tasks organized.

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Be Smart with Your Time

If you are super busy with work and do not know how you are going to accomplish everything then using the time you do have wisely is important. When you do sit down and try to make final decisions with your bride to try to work through them strategically. Make decisions on the tasks that need to be accomplished first. When you are deciding something or completing a task to try to finish it all at once. For example, if you are both working on RSVPs do not finish half and then put the rest aside for another time. 

Try to power through the task so you can mark another thing off your list. If you have to keep going back and having the same discussion or work on the same task it will get repetitive. Another way to work smart is to divide and conquer the tasks on your list. There are things that do not require both of you to complete. If you divide up these tasks then you can finish even more tasks. Even if family or friends offer to help, accept it! A lot of people worry about this but there are so many articles online like this one from the New York Times that explains how it’s perfectly okay! There are things that they can do that do not necessarily need you or your bride’s input but are just busywork that is time-consuming. Their help will not only take some stress off of your shoulders but also please them. Your family and friends want to help and want to be apart of the planning of their guy’s big day.

 Planning a wedding can be intimidating but with these important tips, it will take some of the stress off and make the experience fun as it should be.