Indian Wedding Etiquette

Indian weddings are quite a big affair, with lots of colors, decorations, people and of course rituals. You will witness people from different communities uniting under a single roof. If you are attending a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh traditional wedding for the first time, you need to know about some Indian wedding etiquette. Just keep the following points in mind and enjoy the plethora of festivities.

Dress Appropriately

I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to dress according to the occasion. So when you are attending an Indian wedding it’s best to go ethnic. Women generally adorn themselves in sari, lehnga and anarkali salwar suit with jewelry made out of gold, silver or diamond. Whereas men, on the other hand, look dashing in suits and sherwani.

Avoid wearing black and white colors to an Indian wedding, as they are considered inauspicious in Hindu custom and tradition. Instead, wear shades of red, pink, orange and cream.

Avoid and I mean strictly avoid wearing a short skirt, bodycon dress, jeans and top to a wedding. Trust me you will create a blunder out of yourself.

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Be Respectful

It does not matter whether you are attending a Muslim, Sikh or Tamilian wedding, but respecting their customs and traditions, and respecting the elders is a must. This is the most basic wedding etiquette which most of the people forget.

In an Indian wedding, you will meet hundreds or thousands of people, so it is impossible to know everyone. But if someone approaches you then always talk politely and socialize.

In Indian custom, whenever you meet an elderly person you always touch his feet and take his blessings. So don’t forget to do that even in the wedding.

Do not criticize the Food

You know a father spends his entire life, saving money just to provide a good wedding feast to the guest at his daughter’s marriage. So never ever criticize the food, if you are not liking the taste of the food then don’t eat it, rather than criticizing the food. If you’re kind of picky when it comes to food, then enjoy the snacks and desserts.

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Choose the right Gift

Giving gifts is a common tradition in Indian weddings between the families. However, if you are not a close relative of the family, and are invited then it becomes a basic wedding etiquette to bring a gift.

Now, as per the gifts are concerned the common practice is to give a monetary gift. This is better done by placing money in a pretty envelope or embroidered bag, along with your best wishes. Other gifts that you can give and would be appropriate include decorative items, jewelry, and silver items.

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Be on Time

It is better to arrive on time for each and every wedding ceremony. I think even you don’t want to miss all the festivities and fun of Indian wedding customs and rituals. So I’ll say if you want to get involved, meet everyone, and have loads of fun then it would be better to be on time.

So remember these simple wedding etiquette and participate in every Indian wedding you are invited to. Don’t worry just relax and enjoy the colorful experience of being a part of an Indian wedding!





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