With the end of 2019, we have not only completed a year but also a whole decade which saw a true transformation of Indian weddings. The big fat Indian wedding has received a makeover with the millennial couples planning weddings with creative twists in traditions. This has paved way for really exciting trends that can rule this 2020!

From eco-friendly weddings to brides preferring nude makeup are some of the changes for the good in the wedding industry. Take a look at these trends which are surely going to stick around for a long time.

1. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Eco-Friendly wedding are surely going to stick around for a longer period as couples are getting aware of the impact of wedding celebrations on the environment. Plastic decorations are being replaced with floral decorations while the disposable cutlery can be easily removed by opting for reusable, biodegradable tableware. Even best is when you don’t use flowers for decor, some venues have pretty architect and so floral decors could be avoided too. Also, couples are ensuring that there is no wastage of food, if some food is left they shall provide it in some NGOs or needy people.

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  • E-invite/Wedding video invite

Considering how tech-savvy everyone is these days, the year 2020 will see more couples switching to digital invite which can be either in the form of an e-card or video invite or both. Sending out digital invites instead of paper ones is indeed a great way to arrange an eco-friendly wedding. Just forego all of the paper that you could! This can also save you a lot of costs. 

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2. Intimate/Small Weddings

Celebrations in general have become personal and intimate, and for weddings, families are thus preferring to cut down on their guest list and call the most closest and most important people to wedding. You also don’t need to worry feel stressed for all the arrangements for that big fat wedding, instead, you could enjoy it.  These close-knit weddings, without frills and show, are catching up with millennial couples and is a rising trend to look out for in 2020.

Actor Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s Gurudwara wedding, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding in Tuscany were a beautiful intimate family affair.

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3. Nude Makeup For Bride

This trend began in the late 2019s where the motto is “Less is More”. This has been adopted by a lot of brides for their wedding day instead of the heavy bridal makeup look. Natural look is what these brides want and so they are obsessing over this nude and minimalistic makeup look.

This look will also help your skin breathe with less products on it and not make your face feel heavy. 

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4. Outfit Changes for Bride and Groom

This year there will be some extra oomph to the outfits of bride and groom. For brides, traditional red lehengas or pastel shades are going to take a backseat this season. With fashion getting bolder, we could see statement sleeves, mesh (net) lehengas, neon colors and more. For grooms, there can be variations in the pattern and surely playing with some bold colors like green, pink, purple and so on. Printed kurtas could be a good style for grooms to add drama. 

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5. Healthy Menu

Everyone is nowadays either gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan and what not. So, accommodating at least one of these options to your menu would be a total win-win situation. Having a ‘Farm to Table’ menu is another way of including healthy food to your menu. Hire a farm to table caterers to help you out with this. This trend is going to add so much of experience and value for you and your guests to the wedding with so much beautiful memory since you have taken care of all the dietary restrictions of guests.

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6. Weddings That Keep On Giving

We spend so much time as well as money in organizing these big extravaganza parties and weddings and forget that it is possible because we are fortunate enough to have all of it. For weddings, couples can ask their guests to donate as per their wish to a charitable trust that the couple has decided instead of spending money on buying the couple’s gift. Allow your guests to contribute to a charitable cause and you would feel so much better. 

We feel these trends that will rule this wedding season. Do you have any which you think we have missed out? Let us know in the comment section below.