The Internet has become a vital part of our lives. From being a way to communicate with our dear ones, meet new people, and be connected to the world, it is a major source of inspiration too. It provides us with information from around the world. With this information about who is doing what, from politics to the IT sector, from economy to fashion, we get to know about everything. Hence, for anything we need, our first finding spot is the internet.

With the latest trends in every industry, it is important to remain up-to-date. So, when it is about your big day, how can you let go of some important browsing. All you need to look out on the internet includes:


  • Wedding Decorations- There are so many decor options these days, from new planners coming up each day. You need to choose the ones that suit your preferences, from putting your life stories and aspirations in it.
  • Fashion styling- From what to wear including your pre-wedding dresses to the main ceremony, accessories, and jewelry, all needs to be taken care of.
  • Shots and Menu- From the culture you and your partner come from, you might want to instill that in your food. So, from choosing the drinks and food and deciding how to preset it, needs some searching too.
  • Wedding Favor- The next thing to decide is what to gift your family and friends, to thank them for visiting you.
  • Invitations- The first important decision is the venue and invitation. These days a lot of effort is put into how to invite your dear ones in the best possible way.

Along with these, there are many other things that you need to take care of. And if you want everything personalized and unique, you need the internet. So, some Indian YouTube bloggers to follow for wedding inspiration for to be brides include:

Indian Wedding YouTube Bloggers

Krushhh by Konica


It is a beauty channel perfect for all the tips and tricks that a bride needs to keep in mind. Including the quirky makeup, hairstyle, and beauty hacks for Indian brides, it provides a well-balanced package of all that a bride needs to take care of. Providing information since 2013, it is a quite popular channel.

Harper’s Bazaar Bride India

Combining trend and style in your Indian attire is the go-to look these days. The very popular brand channel provides the perfect combo of a fairytale wedding with dream decor, dazzling outfits, and unmatched jewelry ideas. It’s been a favorite since 2017, helping the brides to dazzle lavishly.

Shreya Jain


Popular for her jewelry styling, she has paved the way to beauty and makeup with her YouTube channel that now has a reach of thousands. Since 2010 as she switched her path, she has been a popular name in the field, providing insights for simple yet classy makeup and hairstyling tips. Her unconventional beauty tips set her apart, helpful the new-age brides, experiment with their style.

Scherezade Shroff Talwar

She is a Mumbai-based fashion blogger, vlogging tutorials for hair, beauty, and fashion. As she got married in 2016, her video base also includes some pro-tips for the brides-to-be. From the do and don’ts for every bride and makeup tutorials, her videos are fun to watch and learn.

Prerna Chhabra

An Indian Youtuber with lakhs of views, works to provide essential makeup and fashion tips. From helping women to comfortably style their saris and providing a palette of ideas for fashion and makeup essentials, her videos are a quick must-watch for every upcoming bride. There are comprehensive tips and tricks for bridal shopping, styling, and makeup.

So, these are some Youtubers who can serve as your inspiration if you or your dear one is about to start the new journey of life. Along with these, you can get an array of videos online. So, tune in and enjoy!