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Innovative Ideas For The Perfect Wedding

We all want that each and every moment of our wedding should be perfect and to get that perfect status, we have to do a lot of planning, preparation and hard work. To help this cause, we are here to share some of the most innovative ideas for the perfect wedding.

Here Are Some Innovative Ideas For the Perfect Wedding

Jewellery and Wedding Cake

Indian women and their love for extravagant gold jewellery date back to several centuries. The question that arises is that why not let the world know about this obsession? Here’s the best way to convey how much you adore gold jewellery and fancy decorations.

A wedding cake is the most precious piece of dessert for the couple. Therefore, not only should it taste beautiful but it should also look pretty and beautiful.

Source: Pinterest.com

Times of Love

How about living like a celebrity for a day by declaring your wedding through the print media? Or, publishing an entire paper announcing your big day? Here’s a lovely wedding invitation idea for this wedding season.

Imagine the guests’ delight when they actually receive a pretty invitation like this!! This a  really cool idea and this is quite as well. This one has started trending a lot lately and many people are using such pieces to express their love, affection and joy.

The Instagram posts and Facebook feeds are flooded with such posts. We also highly recommend this idea and once you share the picture on Instagram of the invite, don’t forget to hashtag it with various captions, including Wedamor, for we absolutely love to be a part of your most cherished moments.

Source: Pinterest.com

Taj Mahal Trip

Who can be a better witness than the exotic Taj Mahal, undoubtedly the epitome of eternal love? Visit the Taj on the very special day share some quality time with your partner for its the beginning of a new journey.

Why travel all around the world when the symbol of love itself finds itself a place in our lovely country as well. Taj Mahal also offers various markets which are in and around the monument, the colour, the hues and the culture will add just the perfect amount of blend in your new adventure of life.

Drapes All the Way

Perfect for those who are planning a private, cosy wedding. Go experimental with different shades in the colour It not only create a very simple and pleasant atmosphere but also brightens up the corner. Decorate the cosy corner with lots of white flowers and drapes.

Red, yellow, orange, pink etc. You could even mix and match different shades and create your own shade and use it. It will give your wedding day that new spark of colours and warmth.

Drapes are not only elegant and beautiful but enhance the scenic beauty of the surrounding environment. Drapes are a must have this wedding season and you should also use them for better results!

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While wedding happens at least once in the lifetime of a marrying couple, wisdom should restrain both sides to plan the ceremony. It is not only for purposes of order but effectively manages the budget as well.

A lot of planning is necessary to ensure that each aspect of the marriage ceremony is not too lavish or tightly budgeted so that it would not ruin this important affair.

Simple yet elegant and within the couple’s budget will make this wonderful event even more memorable. What is of primary importance is that the wedding couple’s wishes have to be met. Their happiness on this day is the main objective of the event and all ideas for the perfect wedding will fail if the happiness part is not met.

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