Terrarium wedding decor looks elegant and classy, and the options are endless. There is something beautiful about their geometrical glass shapes, especially when filled up with moss, ferns and some flowers. Terrariums come in various shapes and sizes and you can use them as anything from centrepieces to ring holders. They also offer a lot of flexibility as to what can be put in them.

Incorporating them in your decor gives a lush green, fresh and clean look to the entire wedding area. Work with your florist to create the perfect terrarium look for your wedding. 

As Candle Holders

For an evening or night event, they can be fashioned as a light source. Light up candles underneath or string fairy lights, and it will give off a romantic glow. For safety’s sake, it is better to opt for battery candles or fairy lights. 

As Centrepieces

A bigger terrarium can be used to display table numbers and also as a table centrepiece. You can decorate it with moss, ferns, shells and stones and even add a little faux snow for an enchanted fairyland look. 

terrarium wedding ideas table numbers


Instead of choosing to opt for a single, large centrepiece, you can go for multiple terrariums of different sizes and shapes. You can fill them up with faux or real flowers which match the colour theme and tone of the event. 

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As A Ring Holder

Terrariums make for beautiful ring holders, and they are also something you can save as a keepsake from the ceremony. You can fill up the holder with any material of your choice. Anything goes, from white sand to coloured crystals and beads. 

Terrarium ring box geometric wedding decor


As Hanging Decor

Terrariums look just as beautiful hanging from the ceiling as they look placed on their tabletops. You can even model them as hanging lanterns to give an ethereal effect to the venue.

As Escort Cards

Terrariums make for really pretty cardholders which the guests can take away with them as a wedding favour. These terrariums filled with peonies and roses and tied with ribbons look super cute. 

terrarium wedding ideas escort cards


A DIY Terrarium Table

This couple had a DIY terrarium table at their wedding, and the guests had a lot of fun with it. This is relatively very simple to set up, and your guests will have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful all by themselves. You can be assured that this is one return favour that they will be sure to cherish.

As Aisle/ Chair Decor

Overflowing terrariums bring about a bohemian vibe to the wedding. For the aisle, decor you can choose larger ones as then you will get to use all the florals of your choice. Alternatively, you can have candles inside closed terrariums. A mini version of the same can be used as chair decor. 

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As Favour/ Place Cards

One of the best features of terrariums is that they can be filled with anything and everything. This mini garden under a cloche looks beautiful and is sure to impress the guests. 

terrarium wedding ideas favor cards


Terrarium decor can be easily managed by you without the help of a florist/ planner even though you may choose to take their support. They are readily available at several online platforms including Etsy. They can be prepared just a few days before the wedding, make sure that they are kept in a well-lit spot. For a round table, they can be kept as a cluster in the centre, and for a long table, they can be placed across the centre. Even though most of the designs shown above are geometrically shaped, you can also go for other models such as chemist jars or cookie jars.