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Now we all know how much of a role social media has on our lives, big or small. New fashion bloggers are shooting out on Instagram every day with their new style, new fashion statements and a new sense of dressing. Among all these different hues of fashion, there’s some that remain on top with their peculiar taste of things that stand out in the crowd. I’m going to focus on some of the amazing Instagram fashion bloggers who are experts in terms of fashion, hair, makeup, and wedding matters. 

5 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

Here we list 5 of the most glam and bam bloggers on Instagram who knows what’s up:

1) The Wedding Brigade

A wedding coming up and you’re not sure about the jewelry, mehendi, outfit, hairstyle and 10 more things? Follow the ultimate shaadi account for A-class inspiration. Discover all trends, fashionistas, top-notch hairstyles, ‘can’t-get-your-eyes-off” wedding outfits and much more epic-ness coming your way!Instagram Fashion Bloggers

2) Sherry Maldonado

We Need Her Hair Guys!  Sherry Maldonado is known for her gorgeous hair and her more gorgeous hair styling tips and tricks. You can find a hairstyle suitable for all your major occasions; from a simple Dutch braid with flowers to a more complex Christmas hairstyle.
Apart from styling, this Instagram fashion blogger uploads frequent hair-care techniques and hair hacks too. 

Start following her ASAP. You owe that much to your hair, guys.

Instagram Fashion BloggersInstagram Fashion Bloggers

3) That Boho Girl

Kritika Khurana, with her boho-themed fashion, is a source of inspiration to many. Now I personally love her way of dressing, and I’ll tell you why. Fashion to most of the girls, at least here in Delhi, is, wear as short clothes as you possibly can, at all times, at all occasions.

So bloggers like her, who actually promote the label ‘fashion is comfort’ and it’s how you carry off something, anything, how you can experiment with clothes from even your mom’s closet, and how that piece of crop top could look gorgeous with that salwaar, give major motivation to people to ditch the old-school styles and discover their own sense of fashion.

Follow her for getting your daily dose of boho! Oh and also, you can find her on YouTube too (trust me, you wanna see her hairstyle videos too).

Instagram Fashion BloggersInstagram Fashion Bloggers

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4) Aakriti Rana Gill and Shaurya Sanadhya

Say Hi to our pretty and chic little things! The pink color used to highlight their name is for a reason, lol.  Both of them have a similar taste in fashion. From subtle and pink looks to bold and glam makeovers, they bring out the college girl in you and that never goes in the wrong direction. They also have a YouTube channel called Pretty Little things in which they talk about random fashion tricks, hacks, styling techniques, hair care and more (and they both look adorable in it).

Instagram Fashion Bloggers Instagram Fashion Bloggers

5) Huda Beauty

In the list of bloggers, we can’t leave MAKE-UP behind as it’s a very important part of a girl’s routine. Follow the amazing Instagram account of Huda beauty as she blesses us with her stunning makeup tutorials, tips, and some must-know skin care routines.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers

So, this was our pick for the 5 inspirational Instagram fashion bloggers whom you can follow for your daily dose of inspiration. Who’s your favorite? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments box.



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