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Introducing your lover to your family is a big step in any relationship. Not only does it send a clear signal to them that you two aren’t just hanging out and having fun, it allows them to finally put a face with the name that’s been mentioned more times from your mouth. Meeting the parents is a good move to make for couples who plan to take their relationship to the next level. When you bring the important people in your life together, it’s a good step but it can also be stressful. You have to find a way that makes everyone comfortable with your lover especially your parents. If you are ready to take this crucial step, how exactly should you introduce your lover to your family? Where should you meet?

At a wine bar for one drink or a family dinner at home or maybe at a café?

Best Way to Introduce Your Lover to Your Family

So here, I ‘m going to suggest you some ideas about how to introduce your lover to your family with each pro and cons and what are the things you should consider before taking this step.

Are You Sure About This Idea?

You should have a clear idea that“are you serious about your relationship” and ready to take it up to the next level. It’s because you are the first one who should decide before anyone else about the current situation of your relationship. Are you both ready to face this or should take a little more time. That’s all you should think before taking the decision of introducing your lover to your family.

introduce your lover

2) Identifying Your Parent’s Behavior

If you have decided that you are going to introduce your lover to your family. First, identify your parent’s behavior, are they really very strict or open minded? Surely your parents support you in every way but still, you should talk to them about your lover or give them some hints that you have someone special in your life. Mention his name in your talks and try to add a good image of your lover in their mind, before introducing your lover to your family.

3) Discuss This With Your Lover

Before introducing your lover to your family. First, ask him if he is ready or not, or he wants some more. Do not force your decision upon him. Tell him about your family’s possible expectations. Don’t make him nervous or scared about the meeting. Avoid blindsiding your lover about how your parents may act. Teach him ways to win your parents over. Good manners, in particular, will help. He must be tensed so consoling him is your task that you must do.

introduce your lover

4) Inviting Your Lover to a Family Dinner

You may consider the idea of inviting your lover to the family dinner totally in a formal way at a restaurant. This idea is really good if your parents are strict because this is a no way escape idea. If you are scared that your parents may create a scene when they ’ll meet your lover then this idea may help you because no one wants to create a scene in public.

introduce your lover

5) A Casual Meeting at Home

If your parents are not strict then you can surely consider bringing your lover to your home for a casual meeting. If your parents are open minded then this will be really helpful to you .so think about a good time and also when everyone’s mood is good.  You can also invite him for a coffee at home or a café may also be a good place for a short and nice meeting.

introduce your lover

6) The Relatives’ Factor

If you are going to introduce your lover to your family at home then a really important factor you should consider that none of your relatives must be at home .specially, in India relative factor is a must to check. If you think your relatives are supportive then you can just go on but usually, they just make a mountain out of a molehill.

introduce your lover

7) Inviting Your Lover to a Family Picnic

If you think that a meeting at home is not a good idea then you may introduce your lover to your family by organizing a picnic or an outgoing. In this way, your family will get to know your lover a lot better and also you should invite him to help in your household work sometimes, for example, if you are shifting then your lover may help your family by this not only they are going to know him better but also it will create a good image of your lover in your parent’s mind.

introduce your lover

8) Some Other Important Factors

When you are going to introduce your lover to your family .you must prepare for some questions your parents are going to ask so that your lover would not just stare at their faces. For example:

How long have you been dating?

How serious is the relationship?

What does your lover do for earning? like that type of questions.

introduce your lover

8) Make Him Feel Like Home

It’s really important that when your lover is going to meet with your family he should feel comfortable. For this keep the first meeting a short one otherwise everyone would feel like to get an escape and this is up to you because you are the common one between the two. So you can just pick up the common topics of interest to talk. Talk about good things about your lover and parents.

9) Understand Your Lover’s Behavior

You know that everyone has its weakness and a limit of tolerance. Sometimes your parents might get weird asking the types of questions that may make your lover go mad, so prepare him that he should not overreact or get furious. He must have patience because sometimes your parents try to test your lover by asking this weird questions and his freaking out may ruin the whole situation.

introduce your lover

10) Your Family Loves You Anyway

No matter how strict your parents might be they just love you so if you will try hard and left no stone unturned then surely your family will understand your relationship and will accept it with a warm heart and all is well if the end is well.

introduce your lover



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