Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

Since times immemorial, jewellery formed an integral part of an Indian woman’s attire. It is indeed, a predominant feature of our culture. With changing times, jewellery has come to be identified with an individual’s personality. The past few years have also seen a rise in the making of contemporary designs and styles of jewellery, specifically to meet different face types and facial features. Jewellery match-ups for different face types are, therefore, an important aspect to be considered while making a purchase or attending a function or for day-to-day wear.

Jewellery Match-Ups for Different Face Types

Knowing your face type is essential while choosing jewellery. The perfect piece of jewellery should not only highlight your attractive features but also make any oddness seem less significant. But how can one know what kind of jewellery best suits a particular face type? Our guide on jewellery match-ups for different face types helps you decide how.  Keep reading to find out more!

1) Heart-shaped Face

The heart-shaped face, also referred to as the inverted triangular face, can be identified by a broad, curved forehead and a narrow, sharp chin. If you are a one with that sort of face shape, the jewellery you pick must balance these features. Chokers, collar necklaces, or any other style of close-to-the-neck lengths are the ideal kind of neck pieces. Since the chin needs to be portrayed as wide, horizontal lines of earrings are preferable. Any dangling, face-filling earrings which are wider at the chin level are the perfect fit for those with heart-shaped face.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

2) Oval-shaped Face

Oval-shaped face is considered by most, as the ‘perfect’ face shape. It literally complements any style of jewellery. Oval face can be identified as one which is usually curved, with an equal width at the forehead and chin. One with such a face shape can pull off any neck piece. However, with earrings, one needs to avoid long-length earrings as they can make your face look even longer than it actually is.   

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

3) Rectangular Face

The rectangular face or oblong face, is one which has an equal width at the forehead, centre and the chin, but is quite stretched in length. Any jewellery worn must camouflage the length and make the face to appear wider than it is. Stud earrings or any wide style of earrings such as chandelier earrings must be preferred. For necklaces, chokers, collar necklaces and any short length necklaces which can reduce the length of the face are perfect.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

4) Round-shaped Face

In contrast to the rectangular face, jewellery for round-shaped face must create an illusion of length to camouflage the soft, curved and wide appearance of the face. Therefore, vertical, narrow, dangling style of earrings are the ideal kind. Longer, lengthy necklaces which are not close to the neck and which create a “V” shape suit a round-shaped face and help in countering the curvy face shape.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

5) Square-shaped Face

A square-shaped face has sharp angles and has an equal width throughout. The aim is to soften the edges and lengthen the face. Necklaces with curves and length are therefore, the obvious picks. When it comes to earrings, hoops, long, narrow chandelier earrings are to be preferred. Studs are a big no.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

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6) Triangular Face

This face shape is in contrast to the heart-shaped face. With a narrow forehead and a wide jawline/chin, the styles of jewellery one picks must balance this. Bold studs with long, narrow dangling earrings, ear cuffs or any style of earrings which add width at the level of cheekbones are preferable. To divert the attention from the jawline, gentle curvy necklaces are ideal.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

7) Diamond-shaped Face

Diamond face is just an angular version of the oval face. It is slightly more dramatic than the oval-shaped face. So, just like the oval face, any kind of jewellery complements the face shape. But, curve designs should be preferred to soften the angles. Also, to camouflage the length, overly long earrings should be avoided.

Jewellery Match-Ups For Different Face Types

Jewellery is not just a beauty addition but also an accessory which defines one’s personality. Therefore, it’s time to accessorize right by choosing the suitable one from the above-mentioned jewellery match-ups for different face types.