Kapil Sharma wedding

Kapil Sharma wedding news is growing on us. We have all known Kapil Sharma for his amazing talent and humour-packed personality. He has made India roll over laughing since more than a decade now. Well, there is more to him than meets the eye. His 10 year long love Ginni a.k.a. Bhavneet Chatrath is officially going to be the Kapil Sharma’s bride in December this year. The jolly lad who has kept his personal life fairly discrete has now declared his love and commitment for his longtime girlfriend Ginni Chatrath. They are finally tying the knot on December 12th in Ginni’s hometown Jalandhar. After the #deepveer and #nickyanka wedding affair its time for the Kapil Sharma Wedding.

Kapil Sharma Wedding

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Kapil Sharma Wedding Plans

Here is everything you need to know about Kapil Sharma’s wedding plans:

The Invitation Sweets

The wedding invites are out and they look quite lavish and filled with ‘sweet-ness’. The wedding invitations are for all the close family members and friends. Though the wedding reception will be held in Mumbai on 24th of December, we’re definitely rooting for some Bollywood appearances at his reception. Kapil Sharma has stated in a conversation with the media that they wanted a low-key wedding but since Ginni is the only daughter of the family, they want it to be lavish and so does Kapil’s mother. And why not? They deserve it. There are two wedding invitation cards, probably each from groom’s and the bride’s side.

The Pre-Wedding Glam is Pouring On Us

The enthralling couple’s pre-wedding festivities have already set about and breaking the internet with the candid photographs. Kapil Sharma’s wedding ceremonies will start with a jagran at his home on the 10th of December organised by his mother. On the other hand, Ginni Chatrath’s side of the rituals is popping up with colorful smiles and heavy ensembles. The rituals at Ginni’s place in Jalandhar started with Akhand Path, its a continuous recital of the Guru Granth Sahib for blessings from Waheguruji, the God. The bride is wearing a gallant purple dress during the Akhand Paath ceremony.

Kapil Sharma Wedding

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The Akhand Path ritual was followed by Bangle ceremony a.k.a. ‘Chooda’ ceremony, Mehendi and a Cocktail. All the close friends and families will gather to shower their love and blessings on the couple. Ginni Chatrath has been in the news feed for the pictures she uploaded from the functions. The bride with her eyes closed in a picture getting all set for her chooda ceremony was posted by her makeup artist, Shikha Mohan.

Ginni’s chooda ceremony for which she wore a gorgeous red outfit was designed by Nidhi Tholia. It was accessorized with a heavy temple mala (neck jewellery). Flaunting her ‘chooda’ in the picture, she looks absolutely glowing and excited about her wedding.

The Story Behind

Kapil Sharma’s wedding and long-time love journey have a clich├ęd backstory. Kapil was performing in colleges as a stand-up-comedian and happen to be at Ginni’s college. That’s where they first got to know each other. Gradually it reached a point where Kapil asked Ginni’s hand in marriage from her father and got a straight rejection. As Kapil wasn’t doing very well back then as he is now, they both went their separate ways to continue their careers. Their journeys alongside the mountains and valleys of the relationship, only lead them back to each other. Kapil had gone downhill at the peak of his career in the year 2017 where he was in the buzzfeed for all the wrong reasons. He was in controversy for conflicts with one of his co-stars and battling with depression during the time. It resulted in his popular show The Kapil Sharma Show crashing down the alley and went off air. Earlier this year, after surprising all of us with the news of him getting official with his girlfriend brought him back to life and with a bang.

He is all set to set the stage with laughter again with his new season of The Kapil Sharma Show. The first episode will feature Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and father Salim Khan. One powerful comeback it’s going to be! Reportedly, the episode will premier on 23rd December, right before Ginni Chatrath and Kapil Sharma’s big wedding reception in Mumbai. Kapil, in a conversation about his marriage, speaks about Ginni’s significance in his life. He accredits Ginni for she will bring discipline, support and affection in his life and something to come home to. They compliment each other very well. Having embarked on this journey together for a lifetime, we have nothing but good wishes for them to have a great married life ahead.