Love it or hate it, its Karwa Chauth – A Ritual of Love and you simply can’t break out it. An annual tradition, which for the longest time was once spoken of with extremely good reverence and located stoically. It’s days in the solar have gotten more and more overcast with the 1/3 wave of feminism taking the country through the storm.

The ever glamorized event in the year, all the extra made to be well-known using Bollywood, Karva Chauth is one well-known festival of Punjab. It is celebrated on the fourth day of the waning moon fortnight (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Kartik when they married. As well engaged female hold quickly from sunrise to moonrise for the health and longevity of their husband. This is a competition that is celebrated to commemorate the marital bond between husband and wife.


A day when a married female has a look at fast for the long lives and properly-being of their husband. Men of their lives being the largest aid for the women, the sole breadwinner and issuer of all matters good. It has been regarded to be the be-all and give up all in a woman’s life. To be in a position to speedy and pray for his properly being was once regarded to be the utmost blessing in a woman’s lifestyles in formerly times.

Key attraction

Women beautify, decorate themselves and gown up simply like they had been decked up on their wedding ceremony day. The day starts with an exceptional breakfast organized via the mother-in-law referred to as Sargi. Earlier than the breaking of the sunrise accompanied by way of a daylong fast. A unique Puja and Paath carried out with the aid of a team of married. The quick is opened solely after seeing the moon. Some distinct ritual after which they take the first sip of water.


It falls in the month of Kartik on 4th day of the waning moon which; falls on the remaining week of October as per the Gregorian calendar.


The whole of North India, mainly Punjab
Karwa Chauth 2020-21: 4th November (May Vary)

The modern crop of millennials, who appreciate equality simply as a lot as they price traditions. It has been shuffling matters up to make certain that the practices they observe are following their beliefs. It’s conflicting, as many women are selecting no longer to have a good time Karva Chauth. Whilst at the equal time, some couples are making this a shared party through fasting. Also, whilst there is no denying how firmly rooted in customized it is. We’re right here to see what this way of life ability for the contemporary Indian woman.

The foundation of Karva Chauth

The foundation of Karva Chauth is greater speculative than certain. However, the most famous trust dates returned to the instances bygone when women had been married off young. Since they had been anticipated to pass in with their in-laws and husbands at a gentle age. It left them with little room for discovering their very own pals with whom they should share a robust emotional bond. Karva Chauth, however, with its ritual that requires womenfolk. This includes to collect and pray, function rituals and trade karvas (pots), exchange with different women of round.

Regardless of the real purpose in the back of this festival coming into being, neither of them was once intended to propagate the ideology of male worship. While the former was once about laying a basis of sturdy female friendship. The latter solely ritualized the supplying of prayers for one’s partner’s wellbeing.

In due course, Karva Chauth modified from being a pageant for a husband’s properly-being to his worship. From being a quickly that a spouse found out of the want to do something, to one the place she used to be obliged to function as ‘patni dharm’. It comes what may grow to be the woman’s burden to ward off her partner’s premature loss of life – via the capacity of superstition, of course.

What’s the ritual?

For the uninitiated, as the legend goes, Veervati, determined to have a good time her first Karva Chauth at her parent’s house. She started the speedy at dawn however as the day went by. It grew to be an increasing number of tough for her to endure her hunger. Pained using their sister’s suffering, her brothers tricked her into believing a replicate for the moon. As she broke her quick and ate the meals she acquired the information about her husband’s death. An anguished Veervati prayed for a miracle and acquired a 2nd hazard from goddess Parvati. She found the quick for one greater day and through doing so she was once in a position to carry her husband again to life.

The way of promise :

Unfortunately for us, science these days suggests that loss of life is irreversible. There are no verified methods for better halves of lengthening their husband’s existence aside from bringing remedy to these who are ailing. On the vibrant facet though, in-depth research has located a bunch of fitness advantages for intermittent fasting. Other halves sticking to this culture do honestly have something to gain. This, however, in no way legitimizes imposing traditions on these who don’t want to comply or advertising gender privilege.

Even if one by hook or by crook does manipulate to make peace with the claims of toughness that staring at Karva Chauth offers, it stays unsettling how blatantly it dishes out the inequality between the sexes. After all, if going besides meals and water on this day does extend your partner’s lifespan, husbands have to be anticipated to do this too. Although some will argue, that many guys nowadays have a look at this quickly alongside with their wives, the reality stays that this isn’t what religion, society or even the enjoyment enterprise expects from them.

Screens each huge and small are responsible for romanticizing this inequality so a good deal so that the heroine fainting due to fatigue precipitated by way of her speedy and the hero getting laboured up seeing the circumstance of his cherished has nearly come to be a cliché! Stay tunned with Wedamor for more updates.



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