Weddings, in particular, the Indian ones, can be really agonizing and excruciating for the kids, given their span and the subtropical climate of India. And it gets, even more, tormenting for young parents if the kid’s Entertainment ends up crying-sobbing-nagging in an occasion where everyone is supposed to be merry-making.So it’s equally important to cater to the young moods and minds and give them their ways of merrymaking. And they would await the ceremonial celebrations oftener than us. So here, I have compiled some really cool ways to organize a kiddo-friendly wedding. Count on me, they aren’t going to pinch your pockets hard. But just as I always say, have some family members dedicated solely towards the work,  if you do not wish to procure any professional help.

And here you go:

kid’s Entertainment corner:

kid's entertainment

There is an untold charm of creeping into a tent. For reasons unknown, it gives an unfathomable pleasure to stay in a tent. In fact, I must admit, I myself have this strong child-like fascination. So, crafting a kid’s corner is an applaudable idea. If you can allocate for them a room, it’s even better. And to be the icing on the cake could be a tent within, in bright vibrant colors. And within this tent, we can uphold several kiddo activities.

A Magic Show:kid's entertainment

There are a plenty of simple magic tricks replete over the internet, so even someone from the family could pose to be the magician. 🙂 Kid’s Entertainment.

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A tattoo making session:

kid's entertainment

Another fun way of keeping the kids busy is calling in a tattoo artist and in a matter of minutes, your young guests would be occupied in getting their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters painted on their bodies. And yes, not to miss, comparing with their fellow mates 😉

A drooling treasure hunt or an I-Spy hunt:

kid's entertainment

kid's entertainment

Well, this one’s my ultimate favorite. And there is absolutely not an inch to doubt whether the kids will love it. The treasure hunt could end in the kid finding some goodies or a soft toy at the end. An I-Spy hunt could contain some lists of objects, pertaining to the wedding theme, which the kiddo needs to shoot with his toy camera. And these cameras are inexpensive too. Sheer fun!

A bubble counter:

kid's entertainment

Yes, just like our good old lost childhood. A counter where the kids can blow bubbles as long as their heart longs for. 🙂  Yipppeeeeeeee!!!!

Crafts and Crayons:

kid's entertainment

Kids love the color. Just it. Give them some crayons, encourage and help them to fill in colors in a card for the bride and groom. Also, you could involve them in some crafts work. Also, you could arrange for some pottery event making sure of proper arrangements so that they do not ruin their clothes. But all this coloring and crafting needs to be done under supervision because the kids need constant motivation, help, and encouragement. If possible, you could appoint in a babysitter.

A swing:

kid's entertainment

An arena of balls- large and small, bright in all:

kid's entertainment

Board games: 

kid's entertainment

The options are countless-ludos, snake, and ladder, chess, business, board hockey Kid’s Entertainment….

The bouncing Mickey:

kid's entertainment

Showcase a movie in the tent:                                                         

kid's entertainment

Also, stuff them with some popcorn and candies and cookies for Kid’s Entertainment.


Tell us in the comment box, how do you find this Kid’s Entertainment.



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