One of the important ceremonies that is typically a part of a Punjabi wedding is the chooda and kalire ritual.

What Is A Chooda?

Chooda or Chura is a set of bangles and kalire are the beautiful accessories that hang from the bangles. It’s usually white and red, although today several brides switch red bangles for other colors. However, the chooda is usually made up of just two colors. 


Significance Of Chooda Ceremony

The importance of the Punjabi Chooda ritual includes the history of Punjabi customs. Chooda is the most integral part of the Punjabi culture. During this ceremony, the bride receives a set of bangles from her loved ones, particularly Mama Maami. The first step is to wash the bangles in milk and some rose petals, and then put the bangles on the bride’s arm. The Chooda Ceremony is a big tradition in Punjabi culture and it is conducted in the evening before the wedding ceremony. All the guests join this function and give her a lot of affection and blessings for her future wedding life.


While some of the brides choose to match the choodas with their outfits, there are others who would like to be a bit offbeat. Check out the different styles and colors of the bride chooda that have added the oomph factor to the look of these brides!

1. Orange Chooda

If you’re a bride who wants a pop of color to your overall bridal look, then the orange chooda is the one for you. This bride picked a red lehenga and choodas with a slight orange tint and it looks beautiful.


2. Red And Maroon Chooda

Evergreen red and maroon chooda are indeed the new bridal chooda designs and colors that the 2020 Indian bride will rock at her wedding. They are different but also significant, particularly for the classic bride who loves red and maroon. 


3. Pink Chooda

The Pink Color Chooda design and shades have now become really popular and deserve to be on the list. There is a broad range of styles and shades to pick from, even in pink. These beautiful brides wore the colors of a pink Punjabi wedding chooda.


4. Basic Red Chooda

Many brides still love the traditional color of a chooda, i.e, red. Bring a twist to your red chooda this time and look even more stunning on your special day. You can wear a few green bangles or gold kadas with your red chooda skip the haathidaant kadas. You can choose whatever suits you and goes well with your outfit.


5. Ivory Chooda

The days are over when Ivory / White was labeled “inauspicious”. Now, brides have gone experimental with their wedding chooda, bringing ivory chooda in their weddings. Note that ivory chooda goes well with every outfit – from traditional red outfit to elegant pastel tones. Chooda with names as an add-on is also in fashion these days. 


6. Peach Chooda

Many brides also go with peach-colored chooda for their weddings. You can rock this color if you are wearing a peach-colored bridal lehenga or you can wear a completely contrasting one.


7. Gold Chooda

We are well informed of the value of gold jewelry at weddings. These golden Kadas are heavy and conventional. Furthermore, several pearls are also studded here, and they were behaving like a cherry on the top.


8. Matching Chooda With Your Outfit

The brides these days love to wear coordinating chooda. It is either matching with the shade of their lehengas or the work on their lehengas. This will give you a princess-like look on your D-day. 


Tell us which color are you thinking to wear on your special day!