Sleeves can be a real game-changer and make your outfit a memorable one. With fashion so accessible the options are limitless. Here are the latest sleeve designs for your bridal outfits. 

Selecting the right outfit for your big day is at the heart of all decisions. Every girl thinks she’s prepared to select the perfect one because let’s face it we’ve been planning it since the first time we ever went for a wedding. But then you fall into the deep reality pit and are hit with a million trends. You have to select the perfect neckline, the perfect backline, the perfect waistline. Damn! the line is long. On top of that everyone is ditching the traditional bridal outfit colours so you’ve got a hundred of them to choose from. The goal is to look not only beautiful but also have an outfit that will be memorable and different. And you know who the real MVP here is? You’ve obviously guessed because that’s the title. Duh. It’s the Sleeves!

Latest Sleeve Designs For Your Bridal Outfits –

We know how hard it can get. So don’t freak out.. because to put you at ease, we’ve got you the latest sleeves!

The Bishop/Puffed Sleeve

Bishop/puffed bridal sleeve

Source: via Pinterest

Latest sleeve for your bridal outfit

Source: Blouse Designs via Pinterest

The Bishop Sleeve aka the Puffed Sleeve is the most trendy kid on the block. This look has been there around for quite some time but it’s only now that it’s catching everyone’s attention. And the attention is completely justified considering the statement it makes. These sleeves will make all eyes turn on you the moment you walk into the room. You can wear it till your wrists or keep it till your elbows depending on the weather or your mood! It’s so versatile, you can pull it off with any neckline even an off-shoulder as shown in the picture above.

The Glamorous Tassel Sleeve

Tassel sleeves

Source: via Pinterest

Gold tassel sleeve for bridal outfit

Source: shaadisaga via Pinterest

You think tassels are only for the bohemian look and won’t work when we’re talking about the heavy stuff? Think again. Because these tassels sleeves are the Beyonce of sleeves. Glamorous! You can play around with their lengths and go as heavy or light as you like. And imagine the beautiful pictures of you taking a full turn while these shiney tassels fly scattered in the air. Gold, Silver and White tassels are the ones mostly seen but you can also go with the same colour of your dress.

The Pleated Sleeve 

Pleated cross sleeve top

Source: frugal2fab via Pinterest

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Stylish blouse for brides

Source: 99womenfashionclub via Pinterest

Third, on our list is the grand pleated sleeve. These sleeves aren’t attached to the top part of your dress. They are the top part of your dress. Talk about being grand. But if you don’t want too much pleat you can start them from wherever you want, from the neck or from the chest. A flowy material is usually preferred to keep it from puffing up too much but if you wanna make a statement break the rules and go for a material like tulle.

The Wing Sleeve (Bell Sleeve)

Bell sleeve dress

Source: via Pinterest

Bell sleeve tulle dress

Source: VICTORIA SPIRINA via Pinterest

Wing Sleeves are most commonly known as bell sleeves. Why do I call it wing sleeves? Put your hands up, you’ll know. You’re going to be on Cloud nine on your wedding day anyway so might as well be equipped :p. These sleeves will look glorious while you pose like a queen from the Renaissance. The silkier the material is the better it’ll look. Again, you can wear it of any length you want but a long sleeve is most preferred.

The Cape Sleeve

Cape sleeve bridal dress

Source: wittyvows via Pinterest

Daenerys cape sleeve dress

Source: via Pinterest

You deserve the cape for being the superwoman you are! Cape sleeves are a very recent trend and have quickly caught everyone’s attention. The mother of the dragon knows it well. I used to often wonder how cape sleeves would work with dupattas until I realized there’s no need for one. A dupatta is our very own Indian cape after all. And Oh my! The final look? Classy on the edge. It’s so classy that it’s the mother of dragons go-to look!

The Ruffle Sleeve

Puffy Ruffle sleeve on blouse

Source: Pernias pop up shop via Pinterest

Ruffle blouse for brides

Source: Angelweds via Pinterest

This list for the latest sleeve designs for your bridal outfits would be incomplete without mentioning everyone’s go-to trend – the ruffle sleeve. It is like Taylor Swift because ‘it never goes out of style’. It is an all-rounder that works well with any kind of outfit, casual or occasional. The best part? You can layer as much as you want depending on your style. It looks cute and will make you look and feel like the princess you are.


So there you have it our 6 latest sleeve designs for your bridal outfits. Hope you’re now well informed and feel more confident about making a statement out there. Remember to choose the sleeves that not only look flattering on you but also represent your personality and make you feel comfortable. If you want to go for the more traditional sleeves, more power to you! And if you want to ditch sleeves altogether and go for a tube, halter or spaghetti straps, you do you! I would personally recommend incorporating different sleeves for all your outfits during all the various ceremonies to avoid monotony.

Now that sleeves are sorted you might need some help finding the right kind of Blouse to incorporate these sleeves in and if you haven’t started at all then a good place to start will be taking inspiration from Celebrity Bridal Outfits. Check them out! Until then Slay Every Day!