Stunning Earring Shots

When it comes to bridal jewellery, each and every article is very important, and these include the earrings. Earrings attract a lot of attention and can change the vibe of your whole look. A diamond stud is an entirely different look from a passa style earring, so choose with care. To make things a little easier for you, we have collated the designs which are currently trending and sported by the brides. 

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Lotus Motif Earrings

Lotus motifs have manifested themselves in Indian jewellery designs throughout the ages as they are considered to be a symbol of fertility, prosperity and beauty. Now a lot of designers are using this motif to create beautiful creations. Usually, they were featured in necklaces, but now they are finding their way into earrings, and this trend is sure to continue in 2020. 

Timeless Gold Earring Design Images for the Millennial Brides


Passa Style Earrings

If you are looking for a glamorous and trendy variant, then these are the ones for you. They are a modern variant of the traditional Mughal jhumars, and there are different designs for each type of bride. You can go for an elaborate multi-stringed one or a mini version, depending upon the occasion and outfit. 


Floral Earrings

Floral jewellery has become the norm for Haldi events. Floral earrings come in all the standard designs- rings, danglers and studs. They are usually oversized, and a lot of colour to your look and they can be easily reused later. 

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Kundan Earrings

Kundan earrings are charming and go along really with lehengas. The pair below looks enchanting. The intricate design, pearl hangings and the gold finish give the ornament a traditional and exquisite look. 


Kundan earrings come in a variety of designs including multi-layered ones. You can choose a model depending on the level of grandeur you want. 


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Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery usually features motifs of gods and goddesses and hence is considered auspicious.  You can go for simple designs which complement your neckpiece, or you can go for a statement earring which features the motif of a god or goddess. 

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Shoulder Dust Earrings

This one is for the modern bride and is perfect if you are going for a gown or an indo-western outfit. They are a perfect pick for your engagement party or reception night. 



Dangle Earrings

Danglers are everyone woman’s best friends. Available in innumerable designs and varying lengths, there is a dangler for every occasion. You can choose a single or multi-stranded one and also experiment with the different hanging elements at the end. 


Customised Metallic Earrings

Names on the earrings on even catchy phrases such as “Dulhaniya” or “Gudi” look quite pretty.

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Double Jhumkas

These beautiful pink-enamelled earrings have two jhumkas in a bell-shaped pattern which makes it much more appealing. 

Double Jhumka Earrings



As their name suggests, Chaandbalis are crescent-shaped earrings and even if they are not a part of your wedding ensemble, they must definitely be a part of your bridal trousseau. They have a sophisticated charm which will light up your outfit. 


Chandelier Earrings

If you are looking for a multi-layered, ornate design, then this one is for you. If you are going for an oversized pair, then you can eliminate the neckpiece altogether.


Oversized Studs

This gorgeous combination of jhumkas and sickle-shaped designs is definitely drool-worthy.

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Baahubali Style Earrings

This particular style of earrings was made popular by the Baahubali movie and has seen a lot of demand this season. 

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We hope that we have given you some great inspiration for your wedding jewellery. Let us know your favourites in the comments.