Quarantined at home must have given you a lot of time to pore over the various details of your wedding. You may have already considered all the big ones such as lehenga, venue, catering and so on. If you have more or less finalised the decision regarding the venue then it is time to go one step further. You can now look at the decor. The most element of the decor is obviously the mandap where the ceremony takes place.

After all, this is the place where you are officiated as man and wife. So to say, one of the most critical places in your life and you will want to get it just right. As you know, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends. And in doing that we came across the saga of White Mandaps. Scroll below and look at some of the designs we loved.

Floral Mandaps

You cannot go wrong with floral mandaps. They are timeless design for a reason. Another perk here is that you can really play around with the quantity and intensity of the floral decor which you want to incorporate. You can have a basic design or go for thick mogra drapes. You can even fashion pillars out of flowers. To add a pop of colour you can accentuate it with a ring of roses or some other colourful flowers and leaves interspersed in between the mogras.





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Simple Drapes

Drapes are classy and straightforward and impossible to go wrong with. To add the colour, you can use a ribbon or a small bouquet to hold the curtains in place. It is better not to opt for them in really windy outdoor spaces or if you are opting make sure that the framework holds them in place.



You can also opt for a dome-shaped structure as it somehow looks more Indian. You can also mix up white with shades of pale pink and blush pink to give an ombre effect.



Combination Styles:

An unusual trend that is now seeming to make the headlines is to simply avoid the top cover altogether and just have a backdrop. Below we can see one of the most excellent examples of it where flowers have been draped across a wooden frame. The hanging lightbulbs add to the rustic charm. Go for this design for an outdoor ceremony only if you are pretty confident that the weather gods are going to be kind to you.

If we were invited here, we just might never leave 🤩✨(#Repost from @weddingchicks, Decor by @sweetbellaproject, Coordination by…



hanging florals from a patterned frame is yet another way to go. The overhanging frame maybe a simple wooden structure or it in itself could be adorned. Mixing red with white also really perks up the entire look and get coordinated beautifully with the red velvet bride and groom chairs.

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Some Glitz & Glamour:

If you want to go all out, then we have the perfect solution for you. Glass, crystal strings and an abundance of white roses. It will almost feel like you have created for yourself a small piece of heaven on earth.

White Wedding Ceremony Decor Inspiration. White Wedding Flowers, Chuppah, Crystals



Another trend that is rapidly picking up is the following. A simple and transparent, four-pillared structure with gorgeous adornments at the four corners. If you want something a little more flashy, then you can replace the transparent structure with something in a shimmery silver or gold.

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As a precaution, we would just like to add those white mandaps may not be the way to go for an evening or night function. They may look a little dull. If you do choose to go white, try and mix it up with another colour. But for morning events, especially those being held outdoors with the backdrop of greenery or water, then this is one of the best options.