Lehenga Color Combination

There is no denying the fact that matchy-matchy monotones are in trend but color combinations can never be unstylish. The lehengas in color combination look gorgeous with stunning jewellery. Be it the combination of bright colors like royal blue and yellow or the pale shades like rose gold and aqua, combinations look far better than the single color. Afterall, it’s your wedding and the more colorful the better.

Lehenga Color Combination

Here Are 10 Best Lehenga Color Combination That Will Rule 2019 Weddings

Eager to know the favorite color combination of this season? Let’s find out which are the 10 Lehenga Color Combinations that will rule in 2019 Weddings.

Light and Dark Blue

Who thought that the two slightly different shades of the same color will make a great color combination? Against all our imagination, the light and dark blue lehenga color combination will rule 2019 weddings.

The mild blue and the regal blue combination will appeal to all for sure. Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself.


Mustard and Red

Mustard and maroon looks ravishing on the bride. This color combination doesn’t require any specific occasion but it suitable for all almost all the occasions ranging from engagement to wedding. While the color yellow is chic, maroon is queenly. It is the best of both the worlds.


Lehenga Color Combination

White and Gold

The breathtaking combination of White and Gold is a breath of fresh air. While golden was always a top priority with the colors like magenta, red for the brides, white is a new addition on the list. It is graceful and lovely beyond words.

lehenga color combination

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Neon Green and Pink

The electrifying neon green is a perfect combination with the soft pink. It is a combination that will work best in the functions like Engagement and Sangeet. The neon and pink lehenga will take your fashion to the next level.

Lehenga Color Combination

Multi-Color On White

Do you want to look like a princess at your Wedding? Try this one out!

The multi-color florals on the white are resplendent and if you wear a multi-color choli with the lehenga, it’s icing on the cake. It is simple, elegant yet magical.

Lehenga Color Combination

Pink and Orange

The amalgamation of two bold combinations, orange and pink showcases your bridal beauty in a unique way. It appears that this color combination may be the new red for the 2018 wedding.

This combination justifies the statement the brighter the better.

Lehenga Color Combination

Royal Blue and Yellow

The royal blue and yellow lehenga combination is splendid and looks good on almost all the complexion. So, while choosing this color combination, you do not have to worry much. This is for one and all. Hurray!

lehenga color combination

Baby Pink and Sky Blue

The combination of baby pink and sky blue is by far the most soothing combination of 2018. This color combination will look so pretty on the bride that many apart from the groom may swoon.

lehenga color combination

Orange and Turquoise

The fiery orange and the subtle turquoise will be the choice for the contemporary bride for the functions like Sangeet, Mehendi. This Lehenga Color Combinations will never let you down.

Lehenga Color Combination

Hot Pink and Mint Green

This is a great lehenga color combination for the brides who love to wear graceful colors like mint green but want to add a vibrant touch like hot pink to the lehenga, This combination will rule 2018 Wedding and there is a reason for it.

Lehenga Color Combination

Nowadays, brides have become liberal and experimental enough to try each and every new trend. If it is about the color of her wedding lehenga, she will not hesitate to try the quirky colors there as well. So, if you are among those experimental brides who love to ditch the ordinary, we have given you enough choices. Go ahead!

If you found the article helpful, please give your suggestions in the comment section below and let us know which lehenga color combination you liked the most?