Everything is planned according to the wedding list that you created, in case you missed out on our post for the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist, here it is .

However, even after a lot of planning and deciding things can get a bit haywire on that day. A lot of mixed emotions are going on and it can sometimes lead to confusion and anxiety, which none of us wants. So, my beautiful ladies, here is the list of some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while getting ready! 



1. Feed Yourself!

Yes , you heard it right. It is important to keep on munching something or the other so you don’t drain out on energy.  Dry fruits, fruits, granola bars, popcorn are the best and the easiest options available which can provide you instant energy and you don’t need to worry about your makeup getting spoiled while eating these munchies. Apart from food, it is also important to keep yourself hydrated by having liquids which can either be water, juices or buttermilk incase you have to fast on that day. Source

2. Play some nice music.

Music is the instant mood lifter. If you are feeling those “pre-wedding jitters” then this is the best way to shake them off (quite literally). Sing along, shake a leg and then sit down down for your makeup and hair. This will give you an instant boost and trust me would also show glow on your face.

3. Start getting ready earlier than you think you should

Keep that “buffer time” in hand for some last-minute chaos of outfit or makeup/hair (just in case). Bring photos from your hair and makeup trials that you finalized before, it just makes the task easier and quicker so the other tasks are lined up in time not delaying the “muharat”.


4. Keep time for family and friends portraits.

The “buffer time” that you keep for getting ready will help you in further events. You would also want those getting ready, lehenga on hanger, wearing choli and jeans pictures. This is only possible if you schedule slots for each. You surely want to show your kids how the pre-wedding jitters of yous looked like and thus it needs to be captured. Brides underestimate how long it takes to photograph and gather everyone for portraits, so keep that extra time.


5. Send your would-be husband a “can’t wait to see you” text.

If you want to tease him a bit more then go ahead and send your fully decked up picture. Create some fun where he would want to see you soon and can’t wait for you to be his “forever”.


1. Wash your hair on the day of your wedding.

Usually, brides get an updo on this day and you don’t want to spoil it by washing them. Most hairstylists prefer to work on hair that is kind of dirty and unkempt. If you can’t withstand unwashed hair then plan something in advance, maybe fake hair/hair extensions.

2. Tie your makeup-hair artist with your family or bridesmaids.

Keep different or additional helpers/artists for them so as to not waste time. It often happens that there are only two or three helpers for this who often spend time doing makeup-hair of the bride and delaying the same of bridesmaids and close family forgetting that they are equally important to be on time for the wedding as the bride. Plan in advance who will do who’s makeup and how many helpers will be required accordingly.


3. Get facials, manicure, pedicure on the same day.

You will have enough time to get yourself pampered well in advance. Avoid this mistake of getting it done on the same day as you don’t want to be stuck sitting around waiting for your nail polish to dry.

4. Scared of bright/heavy makeup.

On this day, your makeup will be slightly heavier and brighter than usual, just because you are allowed! Don’t forget you will be the centre of attention among that huge crowd and trust me with so much of lights and cameras all around, this bright makeup will be needed. But don’t forget to check the makeup by clicking pictures from your photographer before stepping out because you don’t want to scare everybody with that heavy makeup. You should know what suits you and looks best on you and that’s why a makeup trial in advance is always important.

Source- https://www.pinterest.pt/pin/132082201558313002/

5. Stress and Rush!

Just calm and relax. You will get through all that tension and anxiousness which is disturbing you since last few days about how will your new married life turn out to be. All of this restlessness can easily show up on your face and you wouldn’t want that to happen, after all you need to shine and GLOW!

Follow these techniques and avoid some of them and you will surely have a memorable wedding.