list of honeymoon essentials

Most of the time, after the hectic and rushed wedding arrangements, brides and grooms often forget to plan for the honeymoon until the last minute. Often, they end up missing out on a lot of important things because of same. The honeymoon is the most important part of a couple’s life after their wedding. It is the dawn of their married life and gives them tons of beautiful memories of a lifetime. If you’re wondering what all are the most important things that you should check off the list before you leave for your honeymoon, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of honeymoon essentials, check it out!

List of Honeymoon Essentials

Here is your ultimate list of honeymoon essentials for a hassle-free honeymoon-

Travel Companions

  • Passport/relevant ID and Visa
  • Tickets and ticket confirmations for flights, accommodations and other pre-booking that you might have made
  • If you’re going abroad then in the currency of the country you’re visiting, and essential bank cards.
  • Travel insurance details and Emergency contacts
  • Adapter plugs and Phone chargers. Reading materials – books, magazines etc
  • Small first aid kit (bandages, painkillers, ointments etc.) Any medicine you require along with the prescription. Contraception and Sanitary products.
  • Luggage locks and tags with your name and contact details on it.

list of honeymoon essentials

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Other Essentials

  • Toiletries, Toothbrushes and Face wash
  • Shampoo, soap and conditioner. Even though your hotel will provide, but it’s always better to carry your own for the sake of safety.
  • Hair products Makeup and Makeup remover. Deodorant and hand sanitisers.
  • Razors and shaving gel/cream.
  • Brush/comb, Hair clips, hair ties, etc.
  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Moisturiser
  • Lip balm, or lipsticks.
  • Travel sickness medicine in case you or your hubby have motion sickness.
  • Insect repellent and bite relief.
  • Birth Control

list of honeymoon essentials

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For Her

  • Comfy clothes for travelling
  • Day to day clothes – dresses, shorts, t-shirts or sweaters and coats, according to the destination and the season.
  • Swimwear and Underwear
  • Lingerie
  • Dresses according to the occasion – an outfit if you’ll be going to the beach, hot dresses for night outs etc.
  • Comfortable shoes to wear during sight-seeing and heels to match your dresses during night outs and dates. Flip flops or sandals for beachside.
  • A scarf (cotton for summers, wool for winters) a bag or bags as per requirement.
  • Accessories – jewellery, sunglasses, hats, belts etc.

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For Him

  • Comfy clothes to travel in
  • Casual day clothes – shorts and t-shirts etc.
  • Smart clothes for the night outs and dates – shirts, pants, formal coats etc.
  • Formal shoes or loafers for a night out, comfortable shoes for sight-seeing and flip flops or sandals for beachside.
  • Swimwear and Underwear
  • Accessories – tie, sunglasses, hats etc.

Even though it is a honeymoon, mishaps might happen. But try to shrug it off and find solutions calmly. Spend quality time with your new spouse and make some great memories instead. And do carry all the honeymoon essentials as per requirement.