You are getting married only once in your lifetime. And that one time should be one hell of a celebration. If you want your wedding to be grand and luxurious you need to select that kind of venue like a palace or a beautiful and scenic resort. Along with that your outfits and the rituals and traditions will help in making your wedding a grand one. But apart from these things, there is one more thing which needs to be grand. The entry of the groom to the mandap.

Traditionally, the groom arrives on a horse but the times have changed. So, we bring to you some luxurious car which will make your entry a royal one:

Rolls Royce

 It is ranked number 1 for a luxury wedding car. It is stamped by authority and prestige. The most attractive part of ROLLS ROYCE is the statue on the hood and the mascot is described as “A graceful little goddess who has selected road travel as her supreme delight”. The ride will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds. The ride will give you the most royal experience of your life. 


Bentley Flying Spur

The car gives comfort and luxury its priority and provides rear-seat ventilation and massage as well. You can adjust the seat movement. Bentley is a luxury car with incredible speed and awesome performance. It provides comfort and a complete silence because of the special soundproofing device installed in the SPUR. It appears to look like shimmering gold and what matches a wedding than gold.


Jaguar XJL

It will make you feel like you are sitting on the clouds, will make a great impact wherever you go, seats are as comfortable as heaven and you can get a relaxation massage. The digital sound system consists of 20 speakers which automatically makes everything soundproof. The most comfortable and royal experience one can get. 



The classic and stylish CHRYSLER has been one of the top brands all over the world. The main motive to design it was security and comfort. With great speed and soundproof protection, the car achieves its great performance. 


The limo is the best car if you want to feel like a celebrity at your wedding. With powered footrests and massaging systems installed inside the seats the limo also provides a limo bar where one can have some of the fine drinks for the event. 


Porsche Cayenne

While the Porsche comes under a sports car vehicle, it can however attract lots of eyes by its appearance and the outstanding look. It gives the most comfortable space and a great sound system along with perfect privacy. 

Range Rover

The RANGE ROVER comes is a luxurious SUV built with advanced technologies and delivers a great sense of calm and comfort. The luxury ride provides a great sound system and attracts a lot of eyes with a wonderful appearance.


 BMW 650i Convertible 

What other than a BMW CONVERTIBLE to make your wedding entry grand? The convertible sports car comes with the most fuel-efficient machine along with powerful safety features. The look of the car catches the eyes of everyone who looks at it. 

Mercedes S-Class

S-CLASS is the luxury car that gains the eyes of everyone on the road. No one can miss the beauty. It provides outstanding comfort and a pleasurable and royal ride. It has the most amazing safety features, comes with a great space and the seats offer massage.  


Audi A8

AUDI A8 doesn’t need any introduction. While the car provides the massaging and foot heating features, it is complete comfort and comes with a great space. The car can make your appearance a wonderful moment at the wedding with its stunning design and popularity.