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Magazines that Inspire you to be The Stylish Modern Age Bride

The world is moving at a fast pace. With so much going on around the world, people need to keep pace too. We need to move hand-in-hand with the requirements. The new development has both advantages and disadvantages. But we all are trying to cope in the best possible way. With so many cultures around, the common emotional connection of all lies in weddings. They all may differ in rituals and traditions but the emotional connection is stronger than ever.


All families dream of world-class weddings for their children. They start planning and collecting money for a long time. All they want is to provide the best of their capabilities. Children too have their dreams to fulfill. On one of their most special days, they want to make everything worth their money and effort. Along with the decor, invitations, venue, and other important arrangements, shopping calls for an essential task. And these days the first place that anybody reaches out for anything is the internet. Along with the net, you can make use of various magazines to take inspiration.

When you have a well-planned wedding, things go on smoothly. You are able to fulfill all that you dreamt of in an organized manner. Hence here we talk about a few magazines that inspire you to be a stylish modern-age bride.

Magazines for Stylish Modern Bride

Bridal Mantra

The Bridal Mantra is a product of The Hindu. It is an Indian-origin magazine that includes an array of beautiful modern and contemporary bridal looks. It is perfect for wedding planning and lifestyle inspirations. With iconic stars featured in every edition, it provides world-class ideas to modern-age brides.

Maharani Weddings


Maharani weddings is a beautiful and resourceful destination for planning Indian weddings. The e-magazine has unique ideas for brides and wedding planning. There are resource and vendor details for your assistance too.

South Asian Bride

Every bride wants to have their look, fresh, elegant, and different from all. Nowadays there are so many options online and it can get confusing sometimes. Turning to magazines can help you get limited but authentic, stylish, and trendy options with tips, ideas, and vendor details. South Asian Bride Magazine is one such resourceful friend.

Femina Wedding Times


This magazine provides the perfect blend of modern fashion with traditions. The bold and fresh wedding looks by beautiful stars, set the right mood for a blissful celebration. It has contributed to bringing back many lost gems of fashion too.


A wedding needs lots of planning. From bridal jewelry, and makeup to shopping, decorations, and most importantly clothes, you need several options to choose from. This is another trendy magazine for trendy ideas of wedding outfits, makeup, jewelry, gifting options, and much more essential information. With around 500 pages, it incorporates all that you need to know and need help with for your wedding.

Lavish Dulhan


Elegance and style are the aura here. Being true to the name it provides a lavish collection of look ideas for brides. From simple to innovative designs, it showcases more than 400 pages of fashion, decor, and unmatched beauty.

Harper’s Bazar Bride

Another perfect example of a modern meet tradition is this magazine. Bringing stylish brides and bridegrooms, the magazine provides examples of sheer beauty and elegance showcased by wonderful and talented celebrities. With stars like Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, and others, there are beauty, jewelry, fashion, art, and other wedding influences.

These are a few interesting bridal magazines to get inspired. From decor to fashion, from trip planning to gifting options, it has a fancy blend of everything. You can find more online as magazines and blogs. So keep your research going and plan well!




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