Your best friend in the world is getting married and you couldn’t be more excited- the shopping, planning, late nights of reminiscing with lots of margaritas. Sounds a whole lot of dreamy, doesn’t it? Wrong. Alongside the bed of roses of wedding preparations and celebrations, comes the huge responsibility thrown at you for being chosen as the maid of honor. And if this is your first time being a maid of honor, you need to be prepared for the variety of potential mishaps and circumstances and take care of them like a pro because that’s what you owe to your best friend and that’s what she deserves on what should be the happiest day of her life. 


1) Stay Calm at all times

First things first, learn how to stay calm at all times. If there’s a situation and the bride starts panicking, you need to remain in your calm self, even if you’re panicking on the inside. But you don’t show it to her. You make her sit down and have a glass of water, you tell her to take deep breaths, you tell her whatever she needs to hear to relax a little, and then you tell her you’re going to fix the issue and you find a way to FIX IT.

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A perfect example of this is something my ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans will get: Remember when Gary Blauman appears unexpectedly at Barney and Robin’s wedding, and Robin starts freaking out about the seating chart and tells Marshall about it? Marshall’s reaction is perfect. He tells her, with all the ease and calm, that he’s going to take care of it and actually makes her believe that. And when Robin leaves, he starts panicking in front of Ted. Take notes from Marshall, guys.

2) Be a pro at pep talk

Yes, you need to Google all the motivational and inspirational speeches you could because it’s your job to console and motivate the bride whenever she needs it.

Maid of honor

3) Really help with the wedding preparations

Instead of just being there and asking ‘What can I do?’, go ahead and just take some load off of the bride-to-be and help with the invitations, shopping for bridesmaids dresses and really everything you can help with. It will mean the world to your bestie.

4) Be the “I’ve got you” person

Now to break it down in very simple terms, a maid of honor’s duty is JUST making everything easier for the bride. Carry in your handbag some essentials like tissues, compact, safety pins, band aid and stuff like this. Include whatever you think is going to be needed by the bride on her day, even if it means fitting a Jack Daniel’s and cigars in the bag. Anytime, anywhere, the bride needs something, you should be prepared to have it all and be the ‘I’ve got you’ guy.

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5) Plan out something for the bride

Go ahead and plan a bachelorette party or if you guys are not a big fan of the clichés, why not just gift her spa coupons and you can both go and make a day out of it. Or how about some good old TV, snacks and beer?

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6) Take care of the schedule

It’s your job to make sure there are no delays on the front of the makeup artist or hair salon appointments for the bride and bridesmaids and everything is going right on time.  Anything as small as her makeup not coming up right, you have to step up to the makeup artist and sort it out for her.

7) Keep ‘em hydrated

It’s going to be a long day and the bride might naturally feel a little overwhelmed. Make sure she’s hydrated enough every two hours and you being an important part of her day, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated too.

It is one of the most special days of your BFFs life and you, being the maid of honor, have to do everything in your capacity to avoid any mishaps and make everything easier for the bride. Even with these responsibilities, it’s going to be a hell of a day and that’s for sure!

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